10 Large Dogs That Are Not Aware of Their Size

Almost bigger than its owner!

More than dogs, they look like ponies because of their size and, although sometimes they are almost bigger than their owners, they still behave like real puppies. Check out the photos of the biggest and adorable Instagram dogs!

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We have already told many times in Wamiz that, although dog breeds group physical and character characteristics of dogs, there are not two dogs alike and you can not generalize. Sometimes, smaller dogs are more grumpy than large dogs, and the latter, despite their large size and that they can give more "fear", in many cases are only big babies. Surfing through Instagram we can find the sweetest "giant" puppies starring in very funny scenes, because these little animals are not aware of their size.

Standing together to your dreams, occupying the entire sofa or running through the countryside … we can find unusual scenes that will bring us more than a smile. If you do not believe it, look at the following photos!

  1. The account, please

Marley is almost as tall as her owner, and in this nice picture she seems to want to pay the bill herself.

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  1. Give me pampering

Lying next to your patient in rehabilitation we see this veterinarian who is smaller than this "puppy". Is not it to die of love?

  1. Crash those five

Dasha is a Mastiff female of only 7 months and her "hand" is already larger than that of a human.

  1. On a walk in the supermarket

  1. Is it a dolphin? No, it's a Newfoundland like a fish in water!

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  1. This Saint Bernard is as big as a table!

  1. Leave me a hole …

This big dog is not aware of its size and has no problem in "crushing" its owner on the couch. Lovely!

  1. Brushing and bathing this San Bernardo is a challenge …

  1. Can this lady with the weight of her Komondor ?

10. Higher than its owner!

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