10 Photos That Show The Beauty of This Breed

Shepherd Shepherd I Tomas Dolezal

Shepherd Sheepdog is one of the prettiest of the dog breeds and, if you have any doubt, we show you 10 images that will make it disappear.

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Although in Wamiz we are in love with all dog breeds, without making any differences between them, we also have to recognize that the sheep herder loves us. The photos that we show you next will leave you with your mouth open for the beauty and friendliness of these dogs.

The shepherd sheep, also called Australian sheep herder, is originally a grazing dog, but this is only one of the races, among many others, that are dedicated, or dedicated in their origin, to this task.

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Origin and Character

Neither must you get carried away by its name and take for granted its Australian origin, as the Australian Shepherd -its official name in English- is of Spanish origin (although to this day there continues to be disparity of opinions in this regard). The breed was developed in the communities of Asturias and the Basque Country and the emigrants moved it to the United States, which is the main breeding country for these dogs.

It is an intelligent dog, apt for work and with instinct. We can say that he is one of those who know how to smell danger but also has a good temperament, so it can be a good companion dog, because it adapts one hundred percent to family life and the little ones in the house. Although, as we always say, this aspect always has more to do with education, the environment and the past of the animal than with the race itself.

Undisputed beauty

There is no doubt about this race, it is of its indisputable beauty. And the following images of sheepherders show their qualities and versatility. Precious!

# 1

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# 2

Pastor Shepherd I Patrick Carr

# 3

# 4

Pastor Ovejero I Jametlene Reskp

# 5

# 6

Shepherd Shepherd I Rchel Moenning

# 7

# 8

# 9

# 10

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