10 Tips to Adapt Your House to a Cat!

Adapt your house to a cat | Roberto Herrero

We give you the best tips for you to adapt your house to the presence of a cat, who will be your new roommate.

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If you have adopted or if you are thinking of adopting a cat for your house, it is convenient that it is ready for your arrival. Because, without being aware of it, there may be things in our house that are not suitable for the presence of a cat and that is why at Wamiz we want to help you optimize it so that it is as comfortable as possible for both of you.

Cats are curious animals by nature

If you have your house full of expensive and fragile memories of your travels around the world, you should analyze how much love you have to each thing, because it is very likely that our cat wants to pry it all, with the evident risk that this entails. Save the most fragile things and secure those that are more likely to be destroyed in one of your expeditions.

Be very careful with plants, food and cleaning products

Now you have a cat and that is something that must be present in your daily life. It will condition you in practically everything, so you must be very careful not to leave cleaning products at your fingertips as they can be eaten by mistake, with the consequences that this would entail. In addition, you will not be able to leave food at your fingertips, because you can access it at any time. If you like to thaw food at room temperature, you should be very careful to cover it well to prevent it from reaching it. Because, believe us, he will try. Another important issue to consider is the plants, since some of them are not compatible with the presence of a cat, since they can be toxic or even poisonous. Make sure that all you have does not pose a risk to your new pet.

Now your house is also your house

You already have a new roommate and, just like you have your bed and your room , he should also have a place of his, in which only he can be. That is why you must provide him with a bed and some toys to have fun . You'll see how he ends up taking them to sleep with him …

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Check that there are no holes or exits to the outside

If you live in a house or an attic and you do not want your cat to go outside , you should make sure that there is no slit or nook with which you can escape . Although he does not intend to escape as such, he will be curious to investigate everything, so you must be clear that if there is a hole, he will go out to explore the outside. Cover it well if you do not want to have a dislike.

Beware of cables

If you have a house full of cables, you will have to organize them a bit, not only because of the clutter, but because they can also pose a risk to our new pet , who will bite them and play with them constantly. Cover loose wires with electrical tape and secure them as much as you can.

Close the doors of all electrical appliances

If you do not want your cat to take a nap inside your oven, to get into the dryer, be very careful with the doors, which should always be closed . We have already told you that from now on, your habits must change completely to adapt as quickly as possible to the new situation.

The curtains, its amusement park

There are still no studies that show why, but what true is that cats feel a special attraction for curtains . Try to observe it the first days and, if you see that it hangs from them or spider, you will be forced to look for a less attractive alternative for him.

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A good scraper

Starting from previous advice, you must be clear that your cat will try to sharpen his nails somewhere . And better that site is the right one. Therefore, get a good scraper that can de-stress without risk of spoiling anything. There are many and very good in the market.

Beware of balconies

If your cat is still small, you should be very careful with the balconies, as they are not yet as skilled as adults and risk from a vacuum drop is very high . Limit your exits to the minimum until you grow and gain confidence. All caution is little in this regard.

Ceramic hobs and ovens are a big threat

Although we have finished cooking, the ceramic hob can still be hot for a few minutes, which poses a great risk to our cat, which could burn at any time. There are on the market a specific covers for glass-ceramics that will completely eliminate this risk.

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