3 Toys That You Probably Did Not Know

A puppy surrounded by several of his toys. / David Porras

Dogs also need to stimulate their intelligence to be active, that's why we are talking about 3 toys that you probably did not know

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The classic picture of the dog running after the ball that you have thrown we have all lived. But the dog is not just running and getting the ball. It also needs estimulate your intelligence and one way to achieve this is through the game, that's why we talk to you in this article about 3 toys that you probably did not know.

Active mind, balanced dog

Dogs have different ways to vent energy, from sniffing to physical exercise. Testing your dog's mind is another way to spend energy. Keeping your mind active helps you have a more balanced dog and does not show, for example, signs of anxiety if you are left alone at home. And this I do not say, if not the experience of being seven years with Chufa and talking to trainers and veterinarians.

Chufa has its snout always ready to detect information. As I enter through the front door I smell, at least, the shoes and legs; and if I bring the purchase there is no bag that is free to come into contact with your truffle. To the thread, the 3 toys that we speak to you to stimulate the intelligence of your dog they are precisely related to the smells.

Game time

The first thing to be clear is that it is not about buying the toy, standing in front of it and flying. No, you also have to take time to play with your dog and help stimulate his intelligence. That is to say, the toys are just another complement that will help you in this mission. The most common for this are the refillables, that is, those in which you can put doggie sweets. Your dog, with the aim of eating those sweets, will use his nose to overcome the obstacles of the game. So it relates that if the test passes, there is a prize!

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A dog plays with the olfactory carpet. / Zooplus website

1. The olfactory carpet

There are different levels and you have to choose the right one based on your dog's age and character. One of the simplest is the olfactory carpet. This toy is made with a series of fringes with two lengths. The idea is to hide the sweets or the feed between the fringes so that the dog catches them by its smell.

The brand that distributes them, Trixie, recommends you "Extend the snacks on the carpet so that your dog sees that it keeps tasty surprises. If your little one looks at you impatiently when you prepare the carpet, you can place the rewards individually under the fringes in order to look for them with the snout and legs ".

A dog plays with the Kong Woddler.

2. The Kongs

Kongs toys are some of the most used. In them you can hide food. There are many models, such as the Kong Wobbler. This one stays up until your dog hits him with his muzzle or paw. When it falls, it begins to roll and spreads food through a hole. The attraction, according to the brand, lies in its unpredictable movements, so your dog will not get bored.

An intelligence board will help to keep your dog's mind active.

3. Intelligence board

With this toy we raised the level a tad. The intelligence board it is an interactive game that activates your dog's mind, keeps you alert and at bay. The sweets are hidden under different trapdoors. Your dog will have to discover how to open them to get the prize. There are many models of intelligence boards, let yourself be advised by the professionals of the establishment to see which one fits best with your dog.

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The cheap is expensive

Do not make the mistake of buying your dog's toys in a Chinese for saving a few euros. Is better buy them in authorized establishments and specialized in pets. It is also important to corroborate the label and that the article has the European quality certificate 'CE'.

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