5 Precious Breeds of Black And White Dogs

Border Collie | Roberto Herrero

Do not miss this compilation of the most sympathetic black and white fur dogs that we have fallen in love with and that we are sure you will also love.

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If you do a few days we showed you the ten most impressive tattoos of the French Bulldog dog breed, today in Wamiz we want you to spend a pleasant time with us enjoying the dogs that have their black and white fur. One of the most fashionable dogs lately is the Border Collie a breed that is considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, and we really love it. But in this article you can also find some Dalmatian, some French Bulldog or even one originally from Spain. Here we show you all the pictures!

The king of the class and the sophistication, the Dalmatian

If we talk about black and white dogs it is impossible not to think of the Dalmatian, a highly sophisticated dog that delights the most presumptuous Obviously, he owes much of his popularity to the Disney film '101 Dalmatians', which was a great success after its premiere in the sixties. This dog has a life expectancy around twelve years and its weight in adulthood is around twenty kilos. He has a affectionate and playful character ideal to live with children. If you are looking for a cheerful and easy to educate dog, this is definitely your choice.

Dalmatian | Pixabay

The French Bulldog, perfect for living with children

While this dog can be found in multiple colors, the black and white fur is one of the most popular. In Wamiz we have talked to you several times about the French Bulldog, although it is a dog that we never get tired of. It has a very funny character and, because of its small size, is ideal for cities and for small flats . As in the case of the Dalmatian, it is ideal for dealing with children, as it is very active and jovial.

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French Bulldog | Pexels

Border Collie, a gifted dog

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most fashionable dogs is the Border Collie. For many it is considered as the most intelligent dog in the world . In adulthood reaches twenty kilos of weight and also has a life expectancy around twelve years. Its origin is that of a shepherd dog, so, with proper training, it is capable of learning and assimilating a large number of highly complex behaviors. Without doubt, an ideal option for those who want to take to a higher level the skills of their pets.

Border Collie | Roberto Herrero

The Lord of the Snows, the Siberian Husky

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful dogs that exist is the Siberian Husky. While we can also find them in other shades, one of the most popular is the black and white fur. It has a very close and affectionate character, however, unlike the previous options, it is a dog with certain peculiarities that we must know before we become owners of one . It has a very marked predatory impulse, which can be a problem in certain occasions, especially if we share a house with rodents or cats. They are also very nervous and especially stubborn, so we should be patient with them. However, with proper training, it can be an ideal choice for anyone.

Huxky Siberian | Wikipedia

The Spanish water dog

This is a dog originally from Andalusia, which catches our attention because of its large size and abundant and curly fur. It has its origins as a hunting dog and a shepherd, although nowadays it is an ideal option to live with people, since it has a close and affectionate character. Being a native breed of our country, the Spanish water dog is not well known outside our borders, which undoubtedly gives an added value. Its name is due to the fact that is able to dive with great skill to hunt fish that escape from the nets of fishermen . They also stand out for their great ability to swim chasing ducks on the surface. However, in spite of all these characteristics, they are also an ideal option to live with humans in tranquility and especially with children, whom they love and protect.

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Spanish Water Dog | Wikipedia

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