5 Secrets To Help Your Dog Live Longer.

“Dogs’ Lives Are Too Short.” ” Their Only Fault, Really!”  : Agnes Sligh Turnbull

A dog’s life spans between 10 to 15 years depending upon the breed type, mental and physical health. Every dog parent wants to extend his/her pet’s life even if it is only by one to two years. If age is catching up to your dog and its slowing down don’t lose hope.

The good news is it’s never too late to include certain ways to add years and quality into your pet’s life. A long, healthy and happy life is possible for your pet by inculcating the following in your furry child’s lifestyle:

1. Dental Hygiene For Dogs Is More Important Than You Thought:

Brush your  pet’s teeth twice daily as per the recommendation of Canadian vet dentist Colleen O’Morrow. For brushing your pet’s teeth always use a specially designed dog tooth-paste & toothbrush. Such a brush will have softer & angled bristles.  If your pooch dislikes the act of a tooth-brush entering its mouth you can try some safe alternatives for a healthy set of pearly whites.

Dog at 8 months and 15 years of age. Image – www.boredpanda.com

In the absence of regular brushing bacteria flourishes in your dog’s mouth that leads to excessive plague formation, gingivitis and tooth loss. In the event of advanced gum disease, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay can enter the canine’s blood stream and cause illnesses of the kidney and liver as well as cardiac disorders.

2. Offer Healthy-Quality Diet & Maintain Ideal Weight For the Pet:

Excess of anything is bad and this also includes body fat. Obesity in dogs is like openly inviting numerous illnesses. It results in diabetes, also damages the joints, and puts pressure on heart, muscles and respiratory system. Basically it will shorten the canine’s life span

Pug at 2 years and ten years.

Don’t feed your pet table scraps and oily human food. Stick to a breed and age specific dog diet. Alongside follow a fixed feeding schedule. Consult your vet to include fresh vegetables that is safe for your dog to consume in its meals.

3. Make Time to Regularly Exercise Your Pooch:

Daily walks and play time in the park is a must for the dog. An active lifestyle will keep the pet fit; it prevents obesity, arthritis and joint pain. How much exercise your dog needs will depend upon its breed type, age & physical condition.

4. Regular Check-ups at the Vet’s Clinic: Prevention is better than cure!

Timely detection of diseases is possible only with regular vet check-ups for the dog. Certain types of cancer too are easily treated if spotted early on. It is very important to follow the vaccination chart given by the vet for your pet. It can save your furry child from an otherwise life threatening illness.

It is recommended to visit the veterinarian at least once a year for adult dogs and two to four times a year for puppies. Image -www.swirltography.com

5. Allow the Dog to Have Some ‘Me Time’:

Relaxation will help your pet pooch get over any exhaustion or anxiety. Your pet’s daily work-outs, running around behind its favorite family members, guarding the house, etc, can leave it quite overwhelmed & tired. Let it sleep in its favorite corner for at least an hour every day.

Do not force your dog to indulge in any activity it does not wish to be part of. It’s best not to disturb it during its relaxation time during the day. image -www.vetstreet.com

Strike a balance in your dog’s life for it to live long. Right amount of daily exercise and rest, good quality dog food and regular vet check-ups are crucial parameters directly impacting your pet’s health status and longevity. A pet is completely dependent upon its human parents for its looking after, well-being and existence.
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