5 Things Your Cat Tries to Tell You … Desperately

 Cat Looking out the window
Cat Looking out the window

Contrary to what we often think, cats often try to communicate with us. You have to understand them!

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Unlike dogs, which are usually understood in the blink of an eye, cats are more mysterious. However, they also often try to communicate with us in their own way.

Your cat is aroused

Sitting on the window sill, your cat stares at something or looks as if he has seen the most exciting thing in the world. While looking outside, it makes small, sharp noises. In general, this type of behavior means simply that the cat is excited, excited. You have probably seen a small animal outside and dream of running and playing with it.

Your cat is stressed

Your cat is generally clean but has started to have small "accidents" and to relieve himself outside your box? I may be stressed. To make sure we must confirm that your box is in a quiet place – you must avoid the places of passage-, but also that it be clean and not too close to the food of the cat. You have to know that cats love being able to hide quietly. Also a cleaning problem can also be caused by the fact that there is not enough sand and that it is not cleaned regularly.

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Your cat is fine, happy

A cat that purrs is usually a relaxed and happy cat. If he also rubs his head against you or shows you his belly, he is at the peak of his happiness. It is the occasion dreamed to make him caresses and scratch him.

Your cat loves you

Cats are known for their independence, it is sometimes difficult to know if they want us or simply take advantage of the formula of the all-inclusive. But there are also, signs with which we are not wrong. For example, when your cat rubs against you, it is for him a way of telling you that you are his property, therefore, he loves you! It is similar when he cleans you with his tongue or gives you little ones head butts

Your cat gets bored and demands your attention (already, if possible)

Cats have a way of Tell you that they die of boredom and that they want some fun. It's usually when your cat has fun right under your nose or when you drop things that are high. Just try to have some fun. A shame for your tableware …

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It's exactly the same when your cat wakes you up early in the morning or during the night. It simply needs a little company, and if possible not within three hours.

To solve all this is to give the cat toys and entertainment, for example by providing elements to play or entertain, so you can have fun without breaking anything and without revealing your dream.

Written by: Elise Petter

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