6 Reasons Why President Donald Trump Should Get a Dog

Presidents’ Day is upon us and regardless of political affiliation, you’re probably pro-pooch if you’re reading this site. Whether you were With Her or you haven’t taken your MAGA hat off since the primaries, one thing is for sure, being the President of the United States is never an easy gig. That’s why we’re proposing that our current Commander in Chief join us pup-lovers and adopt a dog. Why you ask, would 45 benefit from appointing a Secretary of Snuggles to the House Of Ruff-resentitives? Read on for our paw-litical pitch for President Trump to get a pooch.

1. He’d Be in Good Company

A small dog with an American flag.

Getting a dog would be a good move for Donald Trump. Photography by Photohunter / Shutterstock.

Lincoln had Fido. Roosevelt a Scotty named Fala. Johnson a pair of beagles named Him and Her. George W. had Barney and his parents had Millie. And who can forget a dog named Bo? There’s a long, storied history of presidential pups — and they all made their mark on the White House (and not just on the rugs). Having a dog comes with the territory. Wouldn’t 45’s long cabinet meetings be more fun with a cute Shih Tzu sitting in his lap?

2. Dogs Provide Stress Relief…

Being the POTUS comes with all sorts of stressors. Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing better to unwind than a couch cuddle with your best buddy. Scientific research actually proves that petting pups helps you decompress.

3. … and Companionship

Sure, his children give him plenty of companionship, but they’re only human, and let’s face it, humans are not without their shortcomings. A properly trained pooch can do no wrong, and Mr. Trump can only expect extreme loyalty if he decides to adopt a dog. Let’s not forget Barron, Mr. President. Every boy needs a dog.

4. Former Presidents Have Advised Him

President Harry S. Truman once famously quoted “You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.”

5. Dogs Improve Twitter Game

It’s tough to argue that @realDonaldTrump wouldn’t be a better handle if it was Re-Tweeting articles like The Top Show Dogs of 2017.

6. Having a Dog Would Improve The President’s Health

Research shows that caring for a dog leads to healthier outcomes for pet parents. For starters, you’ll walk more (which helps your golf game) and you’re likely to eat better. We become more mindful eaters when we’re thinking about our dog’s health. Socialization will also improve when the President turns the South Lawn into a dog park. Science proves friends help us live longer.

So how about it Mr. 45? Get with the program and get a dog!

Thumbnail: Owner and handler David Fitzpatrick with his Pekingese dog Malachy, winner of Best in Show at 136th Westminster Kennel Club show, visits with Donald and Ivanka Trump on February 15, 2012 in New York City. Photography © Storms Media Group / Alamy Stock Photo.

Tell us: Do you think President Trump would benefit from getting a dog? Which dog breed do you think he would enjoy most?

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