A Police Dog is Another Agent (at Least in The US)

Attacking a police dog is a crime in the USA

 A police dog is another agent (at least in the US).

On October 12, at approximately 8:00 AM, Daniel King, a dependent of the Butte County Sheriff was claimed by an employee of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) who reported that a man, later identified as Lonnie McAllister, 51 years, he hid in the bushes near the entrance to the wildlife area on Oro Dam Blvd. and 10th Street in Oroville.

The DFW employee told King that there had been an ongoing problem with an illegal camp in the area. The DFW employee asked Deputy King to contact McAllister and ask him to leave the area. Deputy King contacted McAllister and asked him to come out of the bushes. McAllister refused, so deputy King requested help from the Butte County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) and responded to help.

Mental Health Specialist Help
Shortly after making contact with McAllister He took a knife from his pocket and put it on his throat. McAllister told them he wanted to die. BCSO crisis negotiators were called and a request for assistance from the Butte County Department of Mental Health was made. From the beginning, the officers worked to alleviate the situation and tried to convince McAllister to leave the knife …

During the negotiations, McAllister made repeated demands to the officers to shoot him, and at a certain point, advanced towards the officers with the knife in their hands. At another time, McAlister began using the knife to make incisions in his neck. In an attempt to disarm and incapacitate McAlister, the agents deployed their Tasers, which had little effect.

 A police dog is another agent (at least in the US)

harness saved his life
K9 Ray, a dog from the BCSO Police Service, was deployed in a second attempt to disarm and incapacitate McAllister. McAllister responded violently stabbing K9 Ray twice with the knife. K9 Ray retired with his handler and negotiations continued.

K9 Ray was transferred to the Valley Oak Veterinary Hospital for evaluation. Fortunately, the harness that Ray wore prevented the knife from penetrating his skin, however, he did suffer minor scratches and bruises. Ray was authorized to return to service.

McAllister was finally arrested and will be tried for the following serious crimes: 1) Resist a peace officer with violence, 2) Attack a police service dog 3) Brandishing a weapon at a peace officer, and 4) Not registering as a sex offender. McAllister will enter the Butte County Jail after his medical authorization, with a bail of $ 70,000.

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