A Spanish Dog, 2nd Best Position at The European Dog Show in Warsaw

Between the 11th and the 14th of October, the European Dog Show 2018 took place in Warsaw, with about 16,000 dogs in competition, which makes it the most crowded edition of the History

The Royal Canine Society of Spain was present in the same with a promotional stand of the World Dog Show 2020 that will take place in Madrid and in which the participation of more than 25,000 dogs from all over the world is expected. [19659004] The Spanish participation in the European 2018 has been a success, both in number of copies and in the results harvested, with a large number of new European Champions and standing out above all of them the 2nd overall position (Exhibition Reserve) achieved by Ignacio Carballido and Yessica Navarro with his American Staffordshire Terrier “Ch. Karballido Staff’s Undisputed Line “, which was already proclaimed 2nd best dog in the Arion Champions Awards of the RSCE last April at IFEMA.

The high level of Spanish cinofilia has once again become evident in one of the Exhibitions The most important canines in history.