Against The Mistreatment of Greyhounds And Other Breeds of Dogs Used to Hunt

Performance against the mistreatment of greyhounds and other breeds of dogs used for hunting

 PACMA will deliver next Tuesday, March 14, 30,000 signatures collected by the Dutch animal party (PvdD) against greyhound hunting in our country. A modality that is prohibited in the rest of Europe.

Plataforma NAC (No a la Caza) will perform a performance in which it will show with real images the consequences of hunting on October 6 in 23 Spanish cities. [19659004] This activity not only ends the life of more than 20 million animals considered "prey" a year in Spain, but also generates other victims such as the more than 50,000 dogs and dogs of other races that are estimated to be they end up abandoned or die after each year at the end of the hunting season.

Cities and places where the performance will take place on Saturday, October 6:

Alicante – Explanada de España (together to the Rambla), 18: 30h
Arrecife – Charco de San Ginés (Arrecife), from 21 a 23h (canary hour)
Barcelona – Rambla Catalunya with Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, from 20 a 22h
Burgos – Paseo del Espolón, opposite Diputación, from 20 a 22h
Cuenca – C / Carretería, crossing with C / Sánchez Vera, from 20 a 22h
Gijón – Plaza del Ayuntamiento, from 20a 22h
Granada – Puerta Real (Zona Correos), of 20 at 10pm
Guadalajara – Paseo de San Roque, from 8pm to 10pm
Jaén – Parque la Victoria (next to government sub-delegation), from 8pm to 10pm
La Laguna (Tenerife) – Plaza de la Concepción, from 8pm to 10pm
Las Palmas – Plaza de las Ranas, from 8pm to 10pm
León – C / Ancha (in front of the Botines building), from 8pm to 10pm
Logroño – Plaza del Mercado, from 20 to 22h
Lleida – Plaça de la Paeria, from 5pm to 7pm
Madrid – Puerta del Sol, from 8pm to 10pm
Mérida – Entrance to the Roman Theater, from 8pm to 10pm
Murcia – Avenida de la Libertad, from 20 a 22h
Fuerteventura – Corralejo, C / Nuestra Señora del Carmen s / n, from 8pm to 10pm (Canarian hour)
Salamanca – Plaza Mayor, from 8pm to 10pm
Sevilla – Next to the Ayu namiento, from 8pm to 10pm
Toledo – Plaza de Zocodover, from 8pm to 10pm
Valladolid – Santiago Street, from 8pm to 10pm
Zaragoza – Entrance to Parque Grande (by Isabel la catholic), 20

Demonstrations in defense of "hunting" dogs inside and outside Spain
Platform NAC organizes and supports actions for the rights of animals throughout the year, such as the concentration held on last March 24 in Cuenca to denounce the appearance of a mass grave with about thirty dogs used to hunt in Tarancón (Cuenca) in February.

However, the most prominent event of Plataforma NAC is the annual demonstration that meets every February, coinciding with the end of the hunting season, for 9 years.

In its latest edition, on February 4, 2018, these demonstrations were held in 31 cities and they had the support of about 500 aso tions, platforms and political parties .

The terrible situation of thousands of dogs "hunting", as the case discovered a few days ago in Cordoba 300 dogs living in cramped conditions has fact that not only these events take place throughout Spain, but also in many cities in other European countries that same date or during the year (Cologne, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Paris, Dijon, Lyon, Nouvelle, Toulouse, Namur, Verona , The Hague, etc.)

About Plataforma NAC

 Concentration in Cuenca to demand an end to hunting with dogs and dogs of other races.
The NAC Platform (No A La Caza) fights against hunting in all its forms and has as an immediate objective to end hunting with greyhounds and other races. To do this, we have organized a demonstration since February each February that has already reached an international scale. In addition, they carry out and collaborate in all kinds of events focused on public awareness of all types of exploitation and animal abuse in its broadest sense.

Non-profit, non-denominational, non-denominational and non-profit association.

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