There are those who believe that they are mute, but this is not the case since they emit a curious sound recognized as Canto a la Zipline (sudden changes from low to high tone with the syllable ‘jo’) or also similar to the song of the wolves. They do not bark due to the posture of their larynx and the structure of their vocal cords, which are narrower and flatter than those of other canine breeds.



It is one of the oldest dog breeds that exist. In fact, you can see hieroglyphs from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, more than 5,000 years ago, in which this race is mentioned.

Its origins are in Central Africa, specifically from the Bashingi tribe and close to the area, currently known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is why it is also called the Dog of the Congo.

African legends say that this breed was a lion hunter due to its great aptitude for vertical jumps. Even today, he is still prized for his skills as a guardian and hunter.


This breed is often compared to cats because, like them, it likes to be clean and for that it grooms itself. Also, for his independent, stubborn, cunning and affectionate character (when he wants). However, it is a good companion and social with other dogs. It is an intelligent and curious breed of dog so it is easier for them to learn canine mental skill games. In addition, it is appreciated for having great tracking ability and agility. What a special dog!

Other notable singularities of this dog are:

  • Loses very little hair.
  • It does not have the characteristic dog smell.
  • The females only have the zeal once a year instead of twice.
  • Despite being a small dog (between 10 and 13 kg) they have a robust body.
  • They are an athletic breed but their real need is for stimulation through games.
  • Both the front and rear legs are always white.

Health and care

It does not have more requirements than the indications by a veterinarian. However, we advise that due to its independent spirit, special attention be paid if it is carried loose on walks. Like all other breeds, the most important thing is its protection and well-being, therefore, with the Double Monthly Protection you will keep it protected against the most frequent internal and external parasites.