Benefits of incorporating a pet at home for the elderly

Now that the children have left home, we no longer work all day and we have more time for us, it's the ideal time to have a pet at home!

 Benefits of incorporating a pet at home for the elderly.

And the love and fidelity that these four-legged little friends give us is not something that should be renounced as we get older, but quite the opposite: this friendship does not understand the age

Sharing life with an animal when we grow up is much more than spending the days together: it also contributes to improving our health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally, as well as giving that new companion a happy home to live in. .

If you are still doubting, Kiwoko, the largest chain of animal stores in Spain and Portugal, presents a list of the benefits of living with a four-legged friend and that will help you make this decision. an important, but that, once taken, will change your life.

They are the best medicine for sadness and depression: animals do not judge, neither by appearance nor by age, we simply they give love It is shown that living with a pet reduces the feeling of sadness and provides greater emotional security.

Re-feeling "useful" when caring for an animal is a great incentive for the elderly, since they often feel separated and little Necessary.

A pet requires attention and care, but in this case, an older animal that cares for itself also takes care of itself. Can there be better medicine?

Iron health: all the animal lovers know that the one who has a pet smiles the most
and this makes us lower our blood pressure and release more endorphins, reducing our stress levels and increasing our state of happiness.

In addition, daily walks help us maintain a moderate physical activity and thus improve cardiovascular function and joint health while helping our pet not to be sedentary and stay in shape.

The games, the races in the park, the bathrooms and everything that requires their care force us to be active, which is a benefit in itself.

Goodbye loneliness: with a pet at home, we know that someone is always waiting for us and that being alone is no longer an option for us.

Also, for them loneliness is also over, either because we spend more time at home or because Now we can make more plans with them. Fun and company are always guaranteed!

More friends: pets are socializing agents par excellence, the perfect excuse to talk to a stranger in the street who walks with his and we like the wearing a collar or asking our neighbor what veterinarian wears it.

These are just some examples of how we can expand our circle just by having an animal. His presence helps us to have conversations that we have not had until now and it helps us to be more outgoing and to interact with other people.

The animal will be happy, in addition, to have a new human friend to thank and help him to get out of the monotony that can cause you to be all day at home.

 Benefits of incorporating a pet at home for the elderly.

A second life, adoption [19659010] If we finally decide and we want to incorporate a pet into the house, adoption is always the best idea.

And, by adopting, we all win: the animal will have a new home and will be able to enjoy its second chance and his new family, of all the benefits of sharing life with a pet.

It is important, in turn, that the decision to incorporate a new member be agreed upon and meditated by the whole family, since, once taken , we will have a com faithful draper who will take care and who will bring joy and countless good things to the home.

In this sense, Kiwoko has worked tirelessly for more than 4 years to help all animals that have not had it easy to have a second chance in life, thanks to the work he carries out through the more than 300 local protectors with whom he collaborates.

In addition, Kiwoko has taken a step further in its promotion of the adoption of responsible dogs, launching some months platform, which connects protectors, animal associations and collaborating entities with those who want to adopt and consider sharing their life with a four-legged companion.

Thanks to this joint work they have already achieved more than 13,000 adoptions and the donation of more than 100 tons of feed per year.

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