We have to be responsible when adopting a young dog, as there are not only implications for the vulnerability of the animal in that period of its life, but for legal requirements

Whether or not it is ethical to buy and sell puppies is a discussion that may last much longer. On the one hand, there are those who defend adoption at all costs and, on the other, those who want to buy a specific breed.

What is indisputable about this controversy is that the issue is of capital importance. Not only because it refers to a commercial activity that has certain rules, but because it implies the commercialization of living beings.

The decision to have a puppy is very delicate. It doesn’t matter if we choose to adopt an abandoned dog or decide to buy one. In both cases, it is a living being that requires a serious commitment from us.

When deciding to buy a puppy, we must make sure we think about it before doing so. It is not about the purchase of an object that we can change if it does not satisfy us, and it is that we live a life that we commit ourselves to take care of forever.

The number of abandoned dogs increases every day. It is a matter that goes beyond a public health problem; it is a matter of morality and personal responsibility. Therefore, whether we are going to adopt as if we are going to pay for it, it is necessary to be fully convinced of the step to be taken.

The legal part of the sale of puppies

The purchase and sale of animals is a business. As such, there are regulations that must be respected when making it, both to protect buyers, and to guarantee the right of animals. It should be noted that in Spain the sale of animals by individuals is not legal.

Then, the sale of puppies must be done by a store or a licensed breeder. Both must comply with the regulations that regulate the activity in each autonomous community, so the laws on animal protection are those that contemplate the guidelines to be followed by these businesses.

Requirements that animal sales must meet

The breeders or stores engaged in selling puppies should have some basic requirements:

  • Be registered as business of buying and selling animals.
  • Have the basic sanitary conditions that guarantee the welfare of the animals found there. Meeting this requirement makes the establishment a zoological nucleus.
  • They must have the appropriate personnel who are trained to care for and meet the needs of animals.
  • Have the necessary license and permits from the corresponding municipality.

The sale of animals without the corresponding permits is punishable by fines, which can reach up to 20,000 USD. Sanctions depend on the legislation of each region.

What care should be taken when buying a Puppy

If we are going to buy a puppy, we must do it to a breeder or establishment that is reliable. It is advisable to investigate the background before making the purchase and make sure that the place where they have the puppies meets the corresponding sanitary conditions. Therefore, you have to doubt those places that do not allow you to see their facilities.

It is also advisable to keep the bill and the legal guarantee that will cover us in case the puppy is sick. The details of the seller, the amount paid, description and breed of the dog must appear.

In this sense, we must demand the veterinary certificate where vaccines and deworming of the puppy must be registered. It should indicate the state of health in which the animal is received. Additionally, the pedigree certificate or the store’s commitment to obtain it must be required.

Another very important aspect is to take the puppy to the veterinarian as soon as possible, so we can enforce our rights in case of any irregularity. If the puppy is sick, the store must bear the expenses that that implies.

It should be noted that in some communities the seller is required to deliver some type of animal identification element. These can be elements such as microchips, tattoos, etc.

What to do if a puppy sale is suspected to be illegal

Buying a puppy from people who are not legally authorized represents a high risk. If in the search for options to acquire a puppy we know a case, it is our duty to report it.

It may be that some establishment is authorized for the sale of puppies, but does not comply with some standards. In that case, the authorities should also be informed of the situation. In short, by denouncing the illegal sale of puppies we could be saving them from possible abuse.

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