Do You Know Why Your Dog Licks You?

 A dog licks the ear of its human.
A dog licks its human ear.

Surely you've ever wondered why your dog lick you There are several reasons, depending on the dog and the situation

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I remember that the first months after adopting Chufa, just feeling its wet snout on my skin did not please me. So imagine the fact that he licked my face: he did not even contemplate it. I never cared to feel his puppy tongue on his hands when feeding him or caressing him, but his face … he did not see it. As we forged our link with time, things changed. The misnamed "kisses" are present in our lives because one ends up understanding why your dog licks you .

3 reasons why your dog licks you

You will meet very besucones dogs, and dogs that pass of lick neither to people nor to other dogs. Just as humans are who do not like anything that your dog does not smell; or the other end, which are allowed to do a face wash based on licks. The dog educator Sergio Tallón, Senda Canina, recently spoke to us about things that dogs do not like about us, such as hugs or snipping him during a walk. Now we develop why your dog licks you .

Begins as a puppy

Dogs can lick for different reasons and at different times. But the first of them goes back to when they are puppies. "Licking, first, is a behavior that dogs generate from puppies . They suck the mother when they are babies so that she regurgitates the food to them. That is its main function, lick to get food "explains the Senda Canina.

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 Three happy golden retriever puppies.
] Three happy golden retriever puppies.

For information

When you get home, as soon as you open the door that muzzle appears that wants to sniff you out. Just like that is one of his ways of finding out that of "what have you done all this time?" the licks also influence. "Lamerte serves the dog to get information like " where you've been "," where are you coming from … ". The mouth, the face is a source of information for them and therefore they have the need to lick us "explains Sergio Tallón.

The so-called" besitos "

As I said at the beginning, at this point the film of Chufa and mine the "kisses" are present. As in the main photo, humans interpret those licks on the face or on the ear as kisses, but it is not quite like that. "What we often misunderstand as" kisses ", are signs of appeasement, relationship or affective ", explains the canine educator. "The dog can lick your face when, for example, you have done something wrong. When you scold or get serious the dog licks your face as a sign of "okay, I do not want problems." He wants to calm the situation ".

 Lamerte is one of the ways that the dog has to get information.
Lamerte is one of the ways that your dog has to get you information.

Is it good or bad?

Today's dogs "are all eternal puppies and end up turning that of sucking the mother -the first commented point-, in affective signals to us ". The fact that your dog licks or not face is very personal, both on the part of the dog and yours. That is, "there are dogs that are very lickers, and others that are nothing. Each dog has its strategies to get information "explains Tallón. There will be dogs that only with smell will know where you have been and they do not need to lick you for it. Or that they opt for other signs of appeasement before sucking the face.

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There are people who are worried that their dog licks their face, especially areas like the mouth. "If your dog is dewormed, vaccinated and veterinarily controlled, that your dog sucks your face is not a problem " says Senda Canina. It is a very individual thing, from people who are very disgusting to people who like or tolerate it. In any case, what Sergio emphasizes is that "you have to make it clear to the dog whether you allow it or not so that he knows how to behave and not make him dizzy" . ] Read also: Collar or harness for your dog, what is the best option?