Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Dogs are a part of life. They are very friendly and never want to lose their owner. Dogs are very faithful. Their grooming is also important. As we all need the grooming of everything just like dogs also need the grooming. So, basically, we started the grooming of dogs. Everyone has their own criteria to groom their dogs. Some thought that bathing the dogs is best, some said coming to their hair is the best way of grooming. Even some think that some freshmen of dogs are good. But these all are the best ways.

Types of Dogs

There are different types of dogs. Some are having a single fur coat. Some of them are having a double fur coat. Dogs also belong to different countries. They are also having a birth place. Dogs also need some attention. They also want to be in touch with the family. The dogs that are pets and live with the family are net clean dogs. Those dogs that have no home and walk on the streets are not so clean as compared to home dogs. Many dogs have different voices of their roaring.

Different coats of the dogs

As the dogs are so caring loving and sensitive their fur is also so sensitive

1: Curly and Double coats

The dog’s fur is also curly. Bichon Frise has curly hair. They are slightly smaller than females and some are slightly larger than males. Their skin is also soft and they are mostly in white color. Because of their curls, their hair knots each other at the back of their ears, legs, and back. So when you comb them, take care of these places. Curly hair dogs also look like very cute dogs. The hair growth of these dogs is very high. Almost every week, you cut their hair and also come after 5 to 6 hours. The curly hairs are short and have a double coat on them.

2: Straight and Single Coats

Straight coats airs are also looked very cute and their long hair and heavy hairs look just like a big dog. The long hair of dogs depends upon the thickness and condition of their hairs. But the combing timing is 3 to 4 hours for these types of dogs. Because of long hair, there is more danger of any bacteria of any type o virus being spared easily in the hairs. But it demands upon the owner hoe that he takes care of their dog. Long hair dogs are mostly found in Australia, America, Afghanistan, and many other countries. The straight hairs are long and have a single coat on them.

Bathing instructions for dogs

i.   The bathing of dogs is different ways

ii.  Firstly clean the dog with a clean and soft cloth

iii. Then cut the unnecessary hairs of the dog

iv. Then wash the dog with warm and normal water

v.  Put the soap into the tub and bur the body of the dog

vi. As the dog’s fur is so soft so rub them softly

vii. Clean the head, body, and the entire the dog

viii.   Then put it out from the bathtub

ix. After the shower of the dog clean it again from the soft cloth

x.  After all, this cut the nails of the dog

xi. Bathing processing is also included to clean the teeth of the dog

xii. Dogs are sensitive and their furs are also so clean softly

xiii.   Now remove your dog free

For more tips for grooming your dog are available on the website dog corner.

Nails trimming of dogs

The nails of dogs depend upon the condition. You must have daily dog nails checked. If the nails are bigger than the skin ten you trim if not then not trim because if the nails are not big and you trim it start clotting of blood and that is painful. Very carefully cut the nails of dogs because their nails are also so soft. There are three types of dog’s nails that are pink, black, and white in color. Some dogs have hard, soft, and calcified types of nails. Use the gun or tape that also helps you to trim the dog nails. You just put that gum or tape to the dog nails cover efficiently blunt so no damage to your dog’s nail.

Brushing the teeths of dog

Daily brush your dog teeths. Because it is helping them from harmful bacteria. It is very good that you brush your dog’s teeth twice a day. Brushing their teeth when they are in peace and calm. If you force them then they are not brushing their teeth. For adult dogs, you use oral B Cross action toothbrushes and for little puppies, you need to take Wholesale toothbrushes. So keep your dog’s teeth clean and also clean it properly. Firstly you clean their upper portion the lower. Before bed, you must have to clean your dog’s teeth. Some dogs like to brush but some owners are responsible for the brushing because that is good for the dog’s health. For more interesting information about dogs grooming visit page dog corner.

Daily checking of dogs

Daily checking of dogs parts are Ears, Teethes, Nails, Paws, hands, feet, nose, eyes.

They need daily medical exams because they move all around and many bacteria are easily fixed on them. Most of them are so dangerous that they even eat their blood and also eat their body. That’s why a daily checkup for the dog is best. You must check eyes that are not yellow or white, Check the ears for bad things, Teethes for brushing, Hairs for trimming, So you must take care of your dog and never be calm when they are in some disease or some other issue. Love your dogs because they are very faithful and never leave their owner.