Enjoy a Delicious Cold Pint With This Dog Beer!

Now you can toast your dog with a beer.

It’s a nice day, the sun shines and you have a bottle of your favorite beer chilling in the fridge. But only one thing is missing: your dog can not join. Now things have changed! Check out this delicious beer for dogs, so you and your dog can enjoy a pint together!

Have you ever looked at your dog and would have liked to toast with a beer? on a special occasion, on a family barbecue or on his birthday? With Bowser Beer you can do exactly that!

A healthy and tasty bauble

“I love dogs, and I wanted to have a healthy drink I could trust, that was made in United States, good for them and fun “. Jenny Brown, CEO of Bowser Beer, told PETS INSIDER: “So I created Bowser Beer!”

The Bowser Beer website explains how Jenny was inspired by the idea of ​​ beer for dogs after selling his pretzel treats for dogs – Bowser Bits – at a festival. He wanted to add some beer that was good for dogs in the mix, but he realized that, beer for dogs did not exist!

With his faithful dog assistants, he was in a mission to develop a new brand of canine beer. Their dogs were happy to taste the taste of that liquid, of course! Over time, they created a healthy beer for dogs fun and made exclusively in the United States. And so far, it has proven to be a real success!

“People like to do things with their pets. They like to drink with them, partying with them, eating with them, and this is a wonderful way for the dog to drink his beer too! “Jenny explained in the video: ” And now you can have yours, and you can have a good time together “.

Alcohol is not allowed!

The beer is formulated from quality meat, malted barley and glucosamine, which makes it a Healthy and nice refreshment for the doggies. Bowser Beer has three delicious flavors (well, for dogs, of course!): Beefy Brown Ale, Cock-a-Doodle Brew and Porky Pug Porter. Oh, and do not worry, this beer for dogs does not contain alcohol. You’ll be the only one who’s happy about it!

And beer is good for something more to drink! Jenny says you can “throw it on croquettes to make a delicious meal” . You can also “ freeze it to create an ice cream for dogs” .