There are several species within the dwarf rabbit breeds, in one of these species we find the toy rabbit and the super toy rabbit. Dwarf rabbits they do not usually measure more than 20 centimeters and do not weigh more than 1 kilo. They have a life expectancy of 6-9 years in good condition.

Differences between rabbit toy and super toy

The toy rabbit has a weight of 1300 gr when it reaches adulthood in good condition, however, the super toy rabbit weighs only 1100 gr. All this varies depending on the diet and physical activity you have, the place where you grow up, the stress you have been subjected to, etc. You have to keep in mind that the smaller you are the more nervous you get, the more you get stressed and more care is required.

Condition the rabbit's habitat

If it is decided to add a member to the family we have to prepare our home to prepare it and that our rabbit can live well is vital, since it will be where he will spend the rest of his life, he has to be comfortable and complete to prevent the risk of diseases. Therefore it is recommended to adapt the habitat with accessories for rabbits.

The cage will only be for a few hours, such as at night, the less time the better, since it can lead to physical and psychological problems, remain so long locked. There are some special parks for rabbits, an area of ​​4 square meters is recommended for each rabbit that we want to have and 2 square meters more space so you can walk freely. The parks can be assembled and disassembled and also take up little space.

Once conditioned the place where the rabbit will live, we will have to put at your disposal a drinking fountain and dining room. The drinker is usually a ceramic bowl, usually has about 500 cubic centimeters of capacity. Our rabbit feeds mainly on hay, so a henera is the best option to keep the hay clean and the rabbit does not throw the food out.

The tray It is another accessory that helps with rabbit hygiene, helps make the needs of our rabbit. To remove the feces and the wet bed it is better to have a shovel and do it daily since prevents dirt from accumulating and unwanted diseases spread.