Free Magazine Doogweb Nº 72, September 2018

The best doogweb articles in September 2018

 Doogweb Free Magazine September 2018.

Now available in the doogweb Magazines section (or by click on the image) the number 72 of the doogweb magazine summary of the month of September 2018. Remember that it is a pdf that allows you to keep the best contents but also all the links are active like the banners of the companies that make this project possible.

Contents of the doogweb magazine number 72, September 2018:
Alert on the dangers of Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica, Pets also "Return to school", Olfactory stimulation for dogs in shelters, shelters and kennels, Trident K9 tactical helmet, protection for working dogs, Convicted owner, director and veterinarian of the Perrera de Puerto Real, for animal abuse, deadly bite (in the USA) 2017), The 7 things that owners of balanced dogs do, The wolves of Sierra Morena walk towards extinction …

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