Hiking Gear For Dogs — 9 Things to Pack

Fetch this hiking gear for dogs for your pack: 


Grip Trex Boots, ruffwear.com.

1. Dog booties to protect paws (let your dog get used to them first). Wool socks make good emergency backup.

Denver Urban Pack, outwardhound.com.

2. Dog backpack that fits snugly around ribs. Practice with an empty pack, then gradually add evenly distributed weight (up to 1/4 of your dog’s weight). Think lightweight, unbreakable and waterproof.

Swamp Cooler cooling vest, ruffwear.com.

3. A reflective or bright-colored dog coat for cold; a cooling towel for heat.

Dexas Snack Duo with companion cup, store.dexas.com.

4. Collapsible silicone or nylon dog bowls. 

The Beacon Safety Light, ruffwear.com.

5. A light for your dog’s collar.

Sleepypod Pendants I.D. tags, sleepypod.com.

6. A secure tag with dog’s name and your phone number. Carry a recent photo and your veterinarian’s number.

Roamer Leash, ruffwear.com.

7. A leash shorter than 10 feet and a carabiner to attach it to your belt.

Clickit Terrain harness, sleepypod.com.

8. A comfortable and breathable dog harness. 

9. A First-aid kit.

Thumbnail: Silicone Travel Bowl Duo, petmate.com

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