Hair on the floor, the sofa, the carpet, in those places where our pet is nearby, we can find the great ‘annoyance’ of the fur.

Most dogs renew their fur to adapt and protect themselves against different weather conditions (cold or heat). That is why in autumn and spring are the main seasons in which we notice the hairs the most. However, there are homes, and yours may be one of them, where hair never seems to disappear. This may be because your pet does not undergo large changes in temperature.

Here are some tips to facilitate the shedding process of your dog:

You will help your pet to eliminate faster the hair that must fall so that the new one grows when the cold arrives and, vice versa for the heat.

It will be calmer and easier for you

  • Use the appropriate brush, glove or card for your hair type:

For short hair, the rubber mitten is recommended. For medium hair, the card or brush and for long hair, first a comb to remove tangles and then the rake.

  • Brushing movement is important!

Do not brush by pulling the hair out, it is not the objective, but with gentle movements at first in the same direction as the hair, then against the grain and finally in favor of the hair again.

  • Do not bathe or brush more than necessary:

A bath helps, but not giving more baths or brushing more than necessary will make the shedding last less. On the contrary, it could be counterproductive!

  • Food that provides protein:

Hair is 99% protein-based, so with a correct diet (with Omega fatty acids) you will help keep your hair and skin strong and healthy.

  • Don’t forget to vacuum!

This will prevent possible allergies that can cause excess hair.

  • Do not hesitate to go to the vet:

There are many diseases and allergies that cause hair loss. If you notice rashes, irritations or peeling areas, consult your veterinarian for a review.