How to Avoid a Worrisome Disease in Your Teeth

Dogs and cats also accumulate tartar on their teeth. The veterinarian Ana Martinez tells you how to avoid a worrisome disease in your mouth because of poor dental health

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The oral health of your dog or cat is as important as yours. In the case of humans, we brush our teeth daily and perform dental cleanings when we touch to keep our mouths healthy. But a dog to a cat is another song. Not only do they accumulate normal tartar, but there is tartar that is not visible to the naked eye. How to prevent this plaque from ending in a serious oral disease?

October, for oral health

During the month of October many veterinary clinics make their month of oral health for dogs and cats. The idea of ​​this campaign is to make humans understand how important it is to take care of our pet's teeth and mouth to prevent greater problems.

Among the clinics that promote this initiative in October is the Albayda Veterinary Center. "We try to put all the means at our disposal so that your pets are healthy and we can prevent all the problems derived from poor oral health" says veterinarian Ana Martinez, who spoke to us recently about how to carry the change of autumn of your dog without going crazy.

The dental review, essential

The first step is to perform a dental check on your dog or cat to assess their status. During the same, which is free during the month of October, you can find everything, "from pets with healthy teeth and gums, to the worst of infections in severe periodontal disease" says Ana. When performing the oral examination they are fixed in several parts:

The teeth . "It is necessary to see if there is tartar or not in the teeth, for which we use the plaque development test. Also if any piece is missing or if there are supernumerary teeth, if they are broken or stained … any alteration they may suffer ".

The dog Lola volunteered for the video of this article. / LOLA DUARTE

Without forgetting gums and jaw

The gum . "Your assessment is as important or more important than that of the dental pieces themselves, since the gum is what holds our teeth together to the jaw. When we look at it we must assess whether it is inflamed or not, if it has been retracted, if it is red, if it has foci of infection, etc. . "

The jaws . "It is very important that we evaluate the jaws, their position and the whole structure of these structures" .

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After the diagnosis

How the veterinarian indicated at the beginning, in the review your pet can have perfectly healthy mouth, with tartar or, if we go to the extreme, some oral disease. To solve the possible problem, " the most common treatment is dental cleaning together with the final polishing of the teeth" explains Ana Martínez. "Sometimes it is also necessary to remove parts, or other procedures, as the case may be" .

To do an oral cleaning

Just like you go to the dentist from time to time for an oral cleaning Sometimes it's your dog or cat's turn too. "Cleaning is necessary when tartar has accumulated in the teeth and affects the health of the gums s beginning to produce gingivitis – clarifies the veterinary consulted by Wamiz -. The ideal is to use the method that is most comfortable to prevent the accumulation of tartar on the tooth surface, but if it can not, it would be advisable to perform the cleanings when the veterinarian deems it appropriate " .

Fear of anesthesia

Many humans are afraid to clean their pet because they have to be put to sleep. Anesthesia is necessary for a simple reason. Imagine when you go to the dentist: the sound of the contraptions they use, that metallic contact with your teeth will squeak in your ears. In spite of it you hold the tension with tension, but do you think your dog or cat would do it? No, that's why general anesthesia is necessary.

To prevent possible scares, veterinarian Ana Martinez recommends to submit your pet to pre-anesthetic checkups . "They help us to have more information about the general condition of our animal and it allows us to anticipate in some way the possible complications that may arise during the surgery. They also allow us to detect conditions that we did not know our little one had and that if we did not give a previous treatment, they could give us some problem in the process ". It is a way to make sure that your pet is in perfect condition for anesthesia, although many humans are not willing to spend that money.

The advantages of the month of October

With the objective that humans take care of From the dental health of your dogs and cats, many clinics offer a free review in October. Some do it because they adhere to the Pedigree Dentastix program, locating your nearest clinic on your website; and others do it on their own, as is the example of the Albayda Veterinary Center, which allocates every month of the year to an issue of animal health.

Our friends from Albayda offer during October:

-Consultation of free dental review . In it they will check all the oral cavity of your dog or cat trying to detect any alteration.

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-Test developer of tartar. With this test "it will be much easier to assess the real state of the plaque or tartar on the tooth's surface of the pets" .

-If any treatment should be applied, the Albayda Veterinary Center offers a 20% discount on the price of dental cleaning.

-Also, all your dental hygiene products count during the campaign with a 10% discount.

If you have never checked the teeth of your dog or cat , or you think you may have an oral problem, now you have a good chance to remedy it. Everything to keep your pet healthy and strong.

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