How to Give a Cat a Pill?

For everything there is always a first time, even to give a pill to a pussycat. At first, it may seem quite a feat, since we are not going to convince you with loving words. In addition, it can be resisted with claws and teeth. But do not be discouraged … with the tips and tricks in this post, we will come out unscathed and graceful.

A possible challenge to achieve

If you have a cat, at one time or another, the vet will prescribe some type of medication, such as antibiotics or anti parasitic in tablets, pills or tablets.

When it comes to wanting to supply the pills, you are faced with a feline ability that will use all the means available and available to escape, either by rejecting them frontally or by spitting them out. Okay, your cat is very clever, but he doesn’t know that you can show off your intelligence, and get him to take the pill, with the least collateral damage and with little stress.

To this end, nothing better than following strategies that give very good results …

give a cat a pill

About medications

Apart from following the veterinarian’s instructions , it is important to carefully read the recommendations in the package leaflet , regarding the dose , procedure , frequency and duration of treatment.

Keep in mind that some pills are slow-release , so you should not crush them, but administer them whole. Remember also that some tablets should be taken alone to be more effective, without hiding them between food.

How to achieve immobilization?

For a cat to stay still, when it senses that you are plotting something that it does not like at all, is a complicated task, although not impossible. You will need a towel , a table or base on which to work comfortably and, if it can be, at least the first few times, the help of a human ally to help you in this unique “battle”. You’ll see that, when you get the hang of it, everything will be a breeze.

Steps to follow to give the cat the pill

These steps contemplate the assumption of being right-handed; in case of being left-handed , naturally the opposite hand to the one described will be used.

Cover it with a towel

  • Find a flat, comfortable surface for your height, such as a table , where you can maneuver your kitten.
  • Lay out the towel , spread out.
  • Put your cat on the towel and wrap it up.
  • The kitten must be fully covered, except for its head, thus avoiding possible scratches.
  • Now it only remains for you to open its snout and insert the pill; We will detail it in the next step.

Open her mouth

  • Once you have your kitty covered with the towel, take his head gently, but firmly, and tilt it slightly upwards.
  • You already have your cat in the ideal position to open its muzzle and give it the pill.
  • At this time, hold the head of the kitten with your left hand to free the right, which is what you should give the pill with.
  • Put your left hand on the cat’s forehead so that you form an inverted “U” with your thumb and index finger.
  • Now, place the tips of your thumb and index finger on the upper lip, and insert your thumb a little to force the pussy to open its mouth.
  • For the sake of your fingers, make sure they are never resting on the cat’s teeth, but on the soft areas of its mouth.

Put the pill or tablet in the mouth

  • The key moment arrives, the introduction of the pill in your cat’s mouth and the determination that you have shown throughout the process, will be essential.
  • Pinch the lozenge with the tips of your thumb and middle fingers.
  • Put your index finger on the left end of the feline’s chin, next to the two lower canines.
  • Press down a bit so your cat opens his mouth.
  • Right at this moment, act quickly and insert the pill with your middle finger, gently push as much as you can towards the back of the tongue, to avoid its expulsion.
  • Give him a light massage on the neck and caress it, so that it calms down.
  • Check that the pill has actually been swallowed.
  • Faced with the uncertainty of whether or not the cat has swallowed the pill, a trick is to blow lightly on its nostrils; With this tactic, you will stimulate a reflex movement that prompts you to swallow.
  • After taking the pill, it is a good idea for your cat to drink or eat something to ensure that the medicine reaches the stomach.
  • If you don’t dare to give your cat the pill with your fingers, you can try using a special syringe.

Oh, and do not forget to reward your furry with caresses or some candy , after giving him the pill; in this way you will associate the experience with a pleasant moment. You see that with a little skill, patience and tact, everything is achieved, to the point of converting the initial fear into a habit that your kitty will gladly tolerate.