It is well known that, of all living things, dogs are the most faithful and unconditional. We list the 10 main behaviors that your dog has to tell you that he loves you:

1. He receives you with great emotion when you get home

Of all the forms of demonstration of love, this is one of the easiest to perceive. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been away for an hour or a week, if your dog is wagging its tail towards you, it’s because it has missed you. Although sometimes, if the dog is a puppy or very old, it can even escape a little pee from the excitement of seeing you again. But do not worry if you see that your dog does not jump and does not bark: it does not take great extravagances for your dog to show you that he loves you!

2. Sleep in your room

One way dogs show their affection is by wanting to sleep with you. This is a test of loyalty, since like wolves, dogs usually sleep together because they do not want to be separated from the pack. Naturally, your dog wants to sleep next to his best friend!

3. He brings you his favorite toy

If your dog brings you his favorite toy, he not only wants to play but, by considering you as the leader of the pack, he offers you his most precious possession and thinks that you will like it as much as he does.


4. Follows you around the house

It is one of the ways he has to socialize and show you that he cannot be without you. Although humans are social beings too, sometimes we need alone time. But this feeling does not have the dogs, and for that reason that follows you everywhere means that where you are, he also wants to be.

5. Cuddle with you after eating

If your dog approaches you after eating it is a sign of confidence. Dogs tend to be very territorial with their food and think that someone can steal it, so if they feel relaxed in this situation, they feel safe with you.

6. Smile, yes, your dog smiles!

If you’ve ever had the feeling that your dog was smiling, this is what it sounds like. A dog’s smile is a sign of love and affection.

7. Lick your face or your feet

If your dog licks you, he is looking for your contact and uses it to pamper him. It is a show of affection that he learned from his mother, as she cleans and cares for them when they are puppies. A lick can be properly interpreted as a doggy kiss!

8. Knows when you are sad or sick

Did you know that dogs have the ability to perceive human pain?

When you are not well, either physically or emotionally, your dog perceives it and shows it by staying by your side and leaning on you to show you his affection. This is another instinctive gesture, since being social animals, the sense of caring for the herd is a priority.

9. It bites you, gently!

Many times we see the bites of our dogs as something problematic, but when they bite passively, without aggressiveness, they are showing affection. It is something they learned from their mother as a sense of care and protection.

10. Leans over you

Some people are uncomfortable when a dog leans on them, but it is a way of showing affection and giving or asking for attention. When he leans on you, caress him or play with him a bit, so he knows that the feeling of love is mutual.

Regardless of how your dog shows you that he loves you, you can be sure that if you take care of him with affection, offering him a good quality of life, stimulating games and protecting him from what can put his health at risk, he will be a faithful companion for the whole lifetime. We suggest you take a look at our section on how to care for and protect your dog from internal and external parasites.