Marta Sánchez de Lerin, Director of The Area of ​​Animals of Company in Zoetis Spain

Marta Sánchez de Lerin, new director of the Animal Business Unit at Zoetis Spain

Marta Sánchez de Lerin leads Zoetis's pet team since September, ensuring the continuity present and future of the growth of this business, strategic for the company.

With practically all of the pet portfolio oriented to the veterinary prescription, its objective will be to continue strengthening the leadership of Zoetis in this area, boosting the offer of products and innovative services unique and intended exclusively for the veterinarian, as the only guarantor of animal health and a cornerstone in public health, from a One Health perspective.

The pet market is enormously dynamic and evolves continuously with changes that relate, among others, to the business models, services and the role increasingly imp ortante who plays the owner as a key player, an owner increasingly better informed and with more options and capacity than ever before.

" Our goal as a company, explains the new director, is to lead these changes and contribute to revitalize the health sector for pets, through a strategy that pivots on the veterinarian as a prescriber, supporting him to take on the new challenges, providing the best offer of products and services in the market, and contributing to increase their visibility and recognition from the social point of view, as a key element of animal health and therefore of the health of all . "

Marta, graduated in Economic and Business Sciences, with postgraduate studies in some of the most prestigious business schools, He has more than 20 years of experience in Large Consumption and has developed a successful professional career in different multinationals, in positions of Marketi ng y Ventas.

He has spent most of his career in General Mills Ibérica and later in Mondelez International Spain, where as sales director he managed the business development and a commercial team of 152 people.

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