More Than 10,000 Animals Wormed With Kiwoko's Latest Solidarity Campaign

It is often said that there is greater joy in giving than in receiving and, when that help is for our best friends, the goal is doubly fulfilled. Continuing with its mission to help improve the lives of all pets, Kiwoko launched the solidarity campaign Desparasita2, which was launched during the months of March and April through its Foundation.

Kiwoko solidarity campaign

Vuelve Desparasita2 - ¡Reto solidario conseguido!

Desparasita2, the Kiwoko Foundation proposed the solidary challenge of deworming a homeless animal for each antiparasitic product sold in its 105 stores in our country and, in this way, duplicating the deworming achieved with this same campaign last year.

The second edition showed that Spaniards are true animal lovers and that we are committed to all animals, thanks to the selfless collaboration of clients that helped improve the health of more than 10,000 dogs and cats in search of a new home.

“We are very happy and proud to have achieved this solidary challenge, which would not have been possible without the great participation and collaboration of all our customers who joined us to improve the lives of so many animals, “they comment from Kiwoko.

Thanks to the solidarity of so many, more than 50 local protectors, such as 4-legged Heroes, Bichos Raros, SoS Mascotas Madrid , SOS Peludos Spain, Abrazo Animal, Valverde Animal, APA Rodamon or Modepran Valencia, will receive the products to help a multitude of pets waiting for a second chance to be members of a new family.

“We want to thank Kiwoko for this initiative that helps improve the lives of animals, especially these dogs that have not had anything easy and helps us to protect them in the face of spring, and parasites, “says Inmaculada Torregrosa, volunteer of the protector Bichos Raros.

Desparasita2 joins the various solidarity initiatives launched by the Kiwoko Foundation, as the first pet food collection bank in Spain created last March and that collected more than 15,000 kg of food for dogs and cats that are looking for a new home. The company thus consolidates its commitment to animals, taking care of their welfare and betting on getting them to have a better quality of life.