My dog ​​destroys house is alone

We know that it is difficult to get home and find yourself all upside down, I do not say that it does not bother you or you get angry, what I’m saying is that getting angry “against” them in that situation and with so much time between the action and the answer is useless.

In these cases what is really important is to assess what is happening and the concrete case to be able to launch effective solutions.

Sometimes it is a puppy that has to learn little by little what his toys are and what are not. You will be taught with time and patience and avoiding as much as you have at hand appetizing cushions while you learn.

With adult dogs it happens for multiple reasons: because you spend too much time alone, because you do not get enough exercise to release stress and accumulated tension, because it has a poor environment in stimuli, a bad socialization, because it has separation anxiety and does not know how to stay alone, etc.

It is difficult to give a solution that works for all cases although I can To say that enriching the environment of the dog with interactive toys, works of smell and giving it the opportunity to spend more energy during walks is beneficial in all of them, although later it must be complemented with other measures according to the specific problem.