New Book Can Not Walk?

How to maintain well-being in dogs with limited activity

The latest Edogtorial book helps dogs to feel better and owners to get a better coexistence on a day to day basis.

We repeat it ad nauseam: Dogs, all, need activity to be happy. And inactivity can bring with it all sorts of problems, and some very serious ones. Nervous dogs, restless, with obsessive and even aggressive behaviors, improve when activity routines are incorporated into their lives … which is not necessarily always physical.

Dogs that can not maintain normal activity
Convalescent dogs, sick, elderly … Bad weather or human-related problems that force us to spend time without providing our dogs with adequate activity. Anyway, if your dog can not develop a normal activity, this book interests you.

Can not walk? Do not worry!
This book, with practical and entertaining content, is structured in the following chapters:

Identify the needs of your dog. How is your dog, why it has no activity, how long it will be like this … All dogs are different and your plan to make him happy must be personalized. Identifying what your dog needs is the first step.

Prepare for a lifestyle with reduced activity. Elements that can help you cope with day to day, muzzle training to avoid problems, manipulation tricks …

Identify the physical needs of your dog. How to use the environment to help your dog, the importance of the cage, physiotherapy in the recovery of all kinds of problems, take a limited walk-and how to do it safely- …

All about mental stimulation. Which for me is the main chapter, with abundant tricks, how to avoid over stimulation, avoid destructive behavior, the best interactive toys for dogs … A perfect chapter not only for convalescent dogs, but to put into practice those days in which dogs go out less, for example due to bad weather.

Emotional support for your dog. Because your dog cares and your help will make your recovery faster and safer. The relationship of your dog with you, other people and other dogs is fundamental.

Back to normal. And when you have overcome it, the process of returning to daily life must be measured. The first days again in "freedom", without leash … This chapter teaches us to interpret the signals of the dog to do it in the best and safest way.

But the book gives us even more, because to incorporate appendices very practical on: Walking without tension on the strap, Training relaxation and other information.

• More information: The book "Can not walk? Do not worry! ", Has a price of only 14.95 euros, and you can get it at Edogtorial.

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