Cost And Steps to Adopt a Pet in Chicago

Whether it is a dog or a cat, every animal deserves a loving and caring household, where they are treated as a member of the family. The best way to bring a companion home is via adoption, and there are several facilities and agencies where one can do that in Chicago. Where the City of … Read more

5 Tips When Buying From An Online Pet Shop

Today, almost everything can be bought online, thanks to e-Commerce. Online shopping is a lifesaver to a lot of people, especially now that everyone is encouraged to stay at home because of the global pandemic. Aside from buying basic household necessities, you shouldn’t forget about your pets at home. If you haven’t realized it yet, … Read more

Different Ways to Attract The Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are the smallest native birds in America. Most hummingbirds species measure 7.5 to 13cm in length. But the smallest are bee hummingbirds with 5cm length and 2g weight, and the largest hummingbird species is the giant hummingbird, which can have 23 cm length with 24g weight. Their name comes from their humming sound created … Read more

The Uncomplicated Guide to Sugar Glider Care

Since sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps) began getting domesticated 15 years ago, they’ve become a staple pet for many households across the United States. Why? Because these darling animals make fantastic little pets.  They’re highly affectionate and social creatures known for their insatiable hunger for sugary foods like fruit.  Many people assume that sugar gliders are rodents, but they’re actually marsupials. As a result, … Read more

7 Tips to Have Happy Pets

How to keep your dog or cat healthy, happy and calm? Here are some tips from veterinarians, trainers, walkers and specialists. This is the time of year to start better habits, to eliminate unpleasant ones. But it is also the time when new pets arrive at home. These are the tips that coaches, specialists and … Read more

How To Deal With Dog Bites?

You come across thousands of media-strips every year about people being injured due to dog-bites. That sweet little creature that is a pet and best-friend for its owner may cause the life-threatening experience to some others. With growing love of petting, a dog among people is directly proportional to dog-bite incidents in the society. So, … Read more