What About Dressing Dogs


Pet clothing is not only diverse styles, fine workmanship, and divided according to the size of the pet variety of sizes, buttons, zippers, pockets are complete, the same as the children’s clothing.

1, pet itself with climate capability

As the seasons change, temperature, day length, and pet fur density and length will be adjusted automatically to maintain a constant body temperature, thus ensure the stability of the immune system.

This point of view, set in pets clothing and shoes has become their yoke, and even pathogenic catalyst. After putting garments, pets cannot give full play to their ability and constant cleaning capacity, thereby reducing the immune system, and even cause pet dependence on clothing and shoes. Once accumulated to a certain extent, or garments worn ill, are likely onset. If you want to dress up a pet owner must also be worn as short as possible time.

2, warm clothing is better to strengthen the training

Cold better way is to exercise, take part in outdoor activities. Furthermore, even if the pet clothes, clothes must fit, otherwise it will lead to pet listlessness, irritability tired of moving, but also a serious illness. Pet clothes should wash frequently, do not wash clothes together with the owner, otherwise easily lead to some diseases.

3, Which dogs require dressing

Weak constitution dog, into the warmth of their own elderly poor dog had just produced bitches , dogs recovering from illness and old wounds have a dog, you should pay particular attention to thermal issues. In addition, the dog should be physically strong, as appropriate dress according to the length of hair, depending on the specific variety may be. For example, a weak constitution Hiromi , deer dogs, Chihuahuas should wear warmer; like long hair, physique and good pair of Beijing, beauty is not necessarily the wear. These pet owners can choose some relatively light clothing for dogs, mainly for aesthetics.

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Dog Clothing to High-End Development

dog clothings

Now on the street everywhere all kinds of pet clothing, pet clothing modern very particular, manufacturing production more and more sophisticated, requires not only the fashionable fashion, also called practical health. According to reports, a good home Order online Small Dog Clothing pet clothing exported to Europe, America, Japan, Singapore and other places, including dog clothing exports to the US of the most demanding, need to go through fabric texture, tensile strength, fade or not other multi-channel detection; in the style requirements of each country vary, the United States, Europe, mainly to clean air, and Japan prefer gentle and lovely, but also according to human fashion color and style changes to be updated annually.

Domestic pet consumption are to high-end development. In addition to the above-mentioned dog clothing, as well as dogs with matching shoes, as well as ties, bow ties, necklaces, the first flowers and other decorations. In addition, leash, collar, harness belt, as well as kennel, dog toys and other goods are also extended grouped together “pet clothing” category. Reporters from the Wuxi City is the first professional engaged in pet supplies sales of a store to see, even here, there are the physical panties dog, cotton texture, high price.; As for the dog clothing, there are popular this year tiger installed, there is little skirt suits, navy blue casual jackets with hat and so on.. Leashes, etc. Some are diamond, the most expensive.

It is understood that those very “boom” of the dog apparel exports abroad, currently in the country is hard to buy, buy only part of domestic consumers generally sell leftover poop, mostly old, but the price is relatively high. Why is this? the domestic market is relatively inadequate legal system, intellectual property rights are not well protected, just out of the clothing style design will soon be copied person, thereby not dare to enter the domestic market. But with the domestic pet consumption continues to heat up the market, is considering producing for the domestic market while pet clothing.