Rottweiler puppies already from small ones have very similar characteristics as adults, among which we can mention their soft and homogeneous mantle and generally in winter they usually have a greater production of fur to protect themselves from the cold; The puppy’s fur is somewhat dull and definitely more woolly than that of the adult Rottweiler and the color is the same: black with fire-colored marks, something characteristic in this breed.

Rottweiler puppies stand out for having a triangular shaped head, a short snout, a wide trunk and legs, both the front and the rear extremely strong and thick. When they are small, Rottweiler puppies usually have gray eyes, but once they begin to develop, that gray gradually turns brown.

If we are thinking of buying a Rottweiler puppy it is important that we take into account that it is much more advisable to choose between those who do not have a too submissive character, although it is also not advised that the puppy be hyperactive or a fighter. The middle ground between both extremes is ideal, although we must recognize that it is also difficult to find, in these cases it is best to consult with the breeder.

The hygiene of the puppies is important but this must be done once the puppies already begin to walk and are weaned, because of babies it is not advisable to wet them because they can take cold and get sick; Rottweiler puppies can bathe every 40 days and the hygiene of the ears should be done when required, so we must monitor them. Finally, we must bear in mind that we must avoid any type of parasite in Rottweiler puppies, both internal and external. In the first case, surely our veterinarian will recommend some droplets which should be supplied in food, because if we give them directly in the mouth they are likely to spit it out, and with respect to fleas and ticks, we must also Consult with our veterinarian to recommend a special product for puppies.

Rottweiler puppy care tips

Like the rest of the dog breeds, Rottweiler puppies require a lot of care and attention especially if we are dedicated to the breeding of these dogs, but it is important that we keep in mind that bitches that have just been mothers can get a little Annoying and aggressive with all those who pose a threat to their babies. First of all we must bear in mind that Rottweiler puppies are born blind and deaf for this reason, the first days, these animals are guided only by their touch and smell , and for this reason it is that the first days will be the days in which Rottweiler puppies will need intensive care.

 To be able to do this job correctly it is essential that we follow some fundamental guidelines for the proper development of dogs, for example, feeding newborns is essential, and although it is likely that during the first hours they do not breastfeed, we must control that after a while they do.

In this sense, we must also ensure that the mother does not present any type of cyst in her breasts since this would interrupt the feeding of Rottweiler puppies. Many times it happens that the breasts do not have enough milk to feed all their babies, especially if it is a large litter, in this case, we must support bottle feeding, but we must use special milk, about which we should consult with our veterinarian. If we are forced to feed them in this way, then we must give them the bottle every three to four hours.

It is also essential that we avoid that the puppies are wet and we will have to control their weight daily taking into account that the Rottweiler puppies following a normal development double their weight in the first week. After two weeks of life we ​​can begin to give them mixed foods, among which, in addition to breast milk, we can offer minced meat in very small portions which we must offer them in the mouth and both the mother and the Rottweiler puppies they need to have plenty of water. Rottweiler puppies have short and very tight hair and to always keep it clean, it is best to brush it with a special brush about twice a week. It is also important that we keep in mind that Rottweiler puppies need two hours of daily exercise because inactivity usually causes some atrophy in their limbs such as, for example, open or poorly constituted legs.

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