Playing Sports With Your Dog

 dog agility

If you want your dog to be physically active and have no ideas, here we are going to propose some interesting options to do together and spend a fun and healthy time with them:

  • Running: If you are one of those who are thinking about running and do not finish doing it, your dog can give you the push you need. You just have to follow a series of tips so that the activity is positive for both.
  • Agility:  dog doing agility if you have never considered starting an activity of this type because you think it is only for professionals who want compete, you are very wrong @. Currently there are agility clubs where almost anyone with virtually any type of dog can start. The important thing is to learn a new activity and enjoy with your pet. All the people who try it say that it hooks. Do you dare?
  •  Dog swimming pool Swimming: not all dogs like water, but they like it, they love it. In addition, it is especially recommended for dogs with joint problems or overweight. There are more and more places where you can enjoy swimming with our dog, and activities associated with water that we can share with them, such as kayaking in some marshes. The only thing, to have at hand a vest suitable for them.
  •  Smell games for dogs Smell work: as we always say, the smell jobs are perfect for all dogs and for almost any type of behavior problem (anise for separation, fear, aggressiveness, etc). Focusing on its value as a precursor of physical activity in our dogs, there are multiple ways to take advantage of it so that our dog can do physical activity while enjoying what he likes most. It is also especially recommended to get older dogs to perform moderate physical activity, even if they have already lost vision. If you are also interested in smell and want to practice more sophisticated work, you can sign up for a smell course. There are few but very interesting and our dogs love it.