Police Dogs For Adoption: What do You Need to Get It?

You always wanted to adopt a police dog. And it is within your reach!

If you've ever thought about it, here's how to make your wish come true. It's much easier than you imagine!

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Recognize that we have all thought about adopting a police dog. There are many occasions in which we receive news of the deeds of some animals that provide a service of incalculable value and that, to this day, are absolutely irreplaceable. And it is also true that when we have seen them work we have thought about what will happen when the time comes for their retirement.

The answer to the above is that the best thing that can await you is a golden retirement. And in those last years (which can be many!) Nothing better than passing them by your side. Because, indeed, not all police dogs find adoption among the members of their own body.

The most common races

Age, illness or loss of skills are some of the reasons that can divert these animals from service, often confined in facilities where their own caregivers are the ones who, with greater or lesser success, are responsible for look for a family. German shepherds, farmers and Czech shepherds are the most frequent breeds of dogs in the canine units since these are the best adapted. In the past, Border Collies were also common, but their retirement came much earlier, for those who are no longer very present.

It is the coaches of the different dog units who decide when it is convenient to deliver the dog for adoption, "with the idea of ​​not unnecessarily lengthening his working life", Explains Isabel Monteagudo, a specialist in the National Police Force. This usually happens to eight or nine years old. In the relief process, "the veteran dog trains the young man, but once the new one has learned the first one he can not train at the same rhythm of the second one and in this way ends up being marginal"

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But, beware, although these animals go from leading a life with an activity, sometimes frenetic, to enjoying a familiar surroundings much calmer, Monteagudo emphasizes that "not because they are retired they have to take these dogs to an excessively sedentary life, as they are very active dogs that conserve an enormous strength"

Where to go!

Starting the process of adopting one of these police dogs is not very different from doing it with someone who lives in a refugee association. You have to go through a series of interviews and agree on receive a follow-up of the animal that will be delivered to us by your caregiver. On Facebook, there is the page "Retired Police Dogs", with almost 40,000 followers. But you can also contact the association Héroes de 4 Patas, a non-profit organization founded in 2015 that seeks to give visibility to the work of the Canine Units of the Security Forces and Corps with the priority objective of offering a dignified and quality to work dogs that leave active duty.

Needless to say, police dogs have been specially trained to be completely loyal, protect people and rescue them in serious situations. So there may be some perfect pets. Surely now you have it clearer. Come on, there's a gap in your sofa and they're waiting for you!


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Heroes of 4 Paws. Non-profit organization that has achieved almost 200 adoptions of police dogs since its creation.

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