Red Slider Turtle Food

How to Care for a Red Eared Slider Turtle (with Pictures)

Feb 27, 2021  · The red-eared slider is named for the red-line running behind its eyes and the sliding motion it makes as it slips from a rock into the water. When cared for properly, the red-eared slider can live up to 30 years! If you’re interested in a lifelong friend, a red-eared slider turtle makes a …

Red-Eared Slider Turtle Care: Tank Setup, Feeding, and …

Apr 01, 2021  · Red-eared sliders tend to thrive off a combination of commercial turtle food and the occasional supplementation of fresh foods. Fresh Foods That Should Be Added to Your Turtle’s Diet: Certain kinds of leafy greens (such as red or green leaf lettuce, turnip greens, and dandelion leaves, but avoid cabbage, kale, and spinach)

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Red Eared Slider Turtle for Sale | Reptiles for Sale

Red Eared Slider Turtle Trachemys elegans. We have captive-bred Red-eared Slider turtles for sale at the internet’s lowest prices. These are some of the most popular pet reptiles on the planet due to their beautiful coloration and personable demeanor. They can live for 30+ years with good care.

What Should I Feed My Red-Eared Slider Turtle?

Nutritional Supplements for Red-Eared Sliders . A good reptile multivitamin with calcium and vitamin D3 should be mixed with the turtle’s food a couple of times a week.   Also, an excellent way to provide additional calcium is to put a cuttlebone in the turtle tank.

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TetraFauna Pro ReptoMin Adult Turtle Formula 8.11 Ounces, Floating Sticks Turtle Food (77099-00)

  • FOR ADULT AQUATIC TURTLES Premium balanced nutrition for adult aquatic turtles with shells that measure at least 5 inches long
  • DAILY DIET Includes shrimp-enriched protein bites that turtles love
  • ODOR-BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY Digestible odor-blocking formula that greatly reduce odors associated with turtle waste
  • USAGE Feed 2 to 3 times per day offering small portions eaten within a couple of minutes

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Feeding a Red Eared Slider Turtle – What Do Turtles Eat

Prey Items: Earthworms, crickets, waxworms, silkworms, aquatic snails, bloodworms, daphnia, shrimp, krill, and mealworms. For very small red eared slider turtles, prey may have to be cut into smaller pieces. Larger and adult turtles can be offered larger items like tadpoles or feeder fish, though some experts warn that feeder fish may be carrying parasites, etc. and some fish (like goldfish …

You Need to Know How Often to Feed a Red-Eared Slider

As omnivores, a Red Eared Slider’s Diet consist of food from both animal and plant sources. In the wild, Red Eared Sliders usually eat aquatic plants, small fish, crawfish, and worms. A pet Red Eared Slider’s diet should consist of around 25% pellets, 50% vegetables, and 25% mealworms/fish/shrimp.

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Wardley Turtle Food Sticks Clear Water Odor Reducing with Probiotics, 3.7 oz, Fortified Aquatic Turtle Food Stix for Shell Health

  • Nutritionally balanced floating sticks with Probiotics ideal for aquatic turtles.
  • Contains probiotics, a mixture of probiotic bacteria – 7. 5 million live cultures per gram – that support healthy digestion, reducing waste and the odors that come with it and helping maintain clearer water.
  • Formulated with fish meal, a highly digestible protein source that reduces waste and supports water clarity.
  • Fortified with Calcium which helps maintain a healthy shell. Fortified with Vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system.
  • No artificial colors to stain water. Convenient, easy-to-store can.

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Tortoises and Turtles For Sale from The Turtle Source, Buy …

Turtles and Tortoises for sale directly from the breeder.The Turtle Source carries the largest variety of Tortoises and Turtles for sale anywhere in the world. You will not find healthier flawless turtles or tortoises anywhere. We take pride in the turtles and tortoise that we produce in …

Cumberland Slider Information and Slider – PetGuide

Sep 27, 2016  · Cumberland Slider General Info. Because Cumberland Slider Turtles are related to the Red Eared Slider Turtle, they make great pets, and when it comes to their care requirements, they need the same things that Red Eared Slider Turtles would.. The differences between the Cumberland Slider and the Red Eared Slider include where they are found and their color (Cumberland Sliders are more …

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Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food, 1.5-Ounce

  • All without the hassle of dealing with live prey items
  • Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals
  • Adds variety to diet
  • Country Of Origin: United States

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DDA Warns of Potential Salmonella Risk to Owners of Red

The Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) is warning anyone who purchased turtles, specifically the red-eared slider turtle, between August 2020 and January 2021 to take extra precautions to prevent illness. The CDC and officials from several states are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to small turtles.


As of July 1, 2007, it is illegal in Florida to sell any wild type red-eared slider. In Europe, turtle and tortoise keeping became popular in the 1960s and 1970s, when large numbers of wild-caught turtles and tortoises were imported. This was especially devastating to the Mediterranean tortoise population.

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Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks 2.64 Pounds, For Aquatic Turtles, Newts And Frogs, green

  • FOR AQUATIC TURTLES NEWTS AND FROGS Scientifically formulated food for small exotic pets
  • DAILY DIET Precise amounts of nutrients calcium and Vitamin C to support vitality and good health
  • PROMOTES GROWTH Contains high-quality proteins and essential amino acids to promote healthy growth
  • EASY TO DIGEST Scientifically formulated proven to be readily accepted by dozens of species
  • USAGE Feed 1 to 2 times per day only as much as your pet can consume within several minutes
  • Age range description: All Life Stages

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Yellow-bellied Slider Care Sheet | Reptile Centre – Live Food

Yellow-bellied sliders require a turtle tank as their enclosure. This is because they will need fully submerged sections without risk of warping or leaking. The yellow-bellied slider can grow to 300mm (12”) long and needs a proportional amount of space to live happily.

Turtle farming – Wikipedia

Turtle farming is the practice of raising turtles and tortoises of various species commercially. Raised animals are sold for use as gourmet food, traditional medicine ingredients, or as pets. Some farms also sell young animals to other farms, either as breeding stock, or more commonly to be raised there to a larger size for subsequent resale.

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Zoo Med Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food, 11 -Ounce

  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • All natural
  • Note: There is a running change for the item from 12 oz. to 11 oz.; the item is the same otherwise

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Types of Aquatic Water Turtles – How to Select a Pet

The most widely sold pond turtle in the United States is the the Red Eared Slider turtle. You might be able to find 4 inch juvenile sliders at your local pet store but certainly through most breeders. When fully grown however, these guys can grow to a foot in length (30.5cm).

Species in North Carolina

Of these 21 turtle species, 11 are protected because of a law, which went into effect on July 1, 2003, that prohibits the "commercial taking" of 11 species and three subspecies of turtles and terrapins in the families Emydidae and Trionychidae. The three subspecies include the Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell, Cumberland Slider and Florida Cooter.

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  • Wardley Turtle Food Sticks Clear Water Odor Reducing with Probiotics, 3.7 oz, Fortified Aquatic Turtle Food Stix for Shell Health
  • Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food, 1.5-Ounce
  • Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks 2.64 Pounds, For Aquatic Turtles, Newts And Frogs, green
  • Zoo Med Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food, 11 -Ounce
  • Tetra ReptoMin Select-A-Food 1.55 Ounces, For Aquatic Turtles, Newts And Frogs, Variety Pack (29253)
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  • Tetra 77093-00 fauna Pro ReptoMin Baby Turtle Formula Sticks, 1.13 oz. (77093)
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