Soft Diet For Dogs: How to Prepare it

A sick puppy stays huddled in his human's bed. / Anna Hoychuk

This is the best soft diet for your dog if you want it to recover as soon as possible

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Dogs may also need to eat a soft diet at some point. The most common, as happens to people, is because of vomiting and diarrhea. These situations can be derived from the excesses of food or the consumption of toxic substances. The soft diet for dogs will be the best solution for you to recover as soon as possible, and we tell you how to prepare it.

Soft diet for dogs

And why is a soft dog diet necessary? "The soft diet is recommended in episodes of gastroenteritis and in situations where we need highly palatable, savory, nutritious and digestible diets such as kidney, liver, cancer or other diseases in which the animal has decreased appetite or anorexia," says the veterinary Marisa López Leyva. "It is also used for recovery after surgery and when you want to go from a commercial dry diet, such as feed, to a Barf diet."

In these cases, your dog finds it difficult to digest the feed as well as being an unappetizing meal at those times. Therefore, the best option is to go to a soft diet to avoid a picture of malnutrition and dehydration. It is also important to consult your veterinarian to assess the health status of your dog and advise you what fits best according to your circumstances.

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How to prepare a soft diet

The main objective of a soft diet is that your dog is well fed in an episode that is bad. Knowing how and when to prepare this type of food will favor the appetite and digestion of your dog. "In the case of gastroenteritis, for example, it is necessary to give a highly nutritious and digestible food," says the veterinarian consulted by Wamiz.

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