The 10 Cat Accounts That You Can Not Miss in Instagram

The best kittens on Instagram I Instagram

If there's something that triumphs on Instagram – on the internet in general – it's the kittens. Who can not spend minutes, and even hours, looking at pictures of these adorable animals?

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If you have a cat you will understand. We seem to be the most adorable and precious of the earth, we can spend hours looking at him, playing with him, taking pictures … Even when he has those behaviors of cats that we do not understand, we want it. And we are not the only ones. It is enough to shop around the fashion social network (yes, yes, I speak of Instagram), to see that it is full of accounts of precious goats that have become famous. Long before the cats invaded Tinder, they had already done it with the rest of the social networks, that's why more and more the influencers cats. But as in everything, there were some who came first and who have more followers today than some of the most sought-after movie or music stars.

Although it is complicated to opt for one or the other, Wamiz's writing has voted, and these are the 10 cat accounts you can not miss on Instagram. Ready to die of love? We start!

1. Cats of Instagram

This is an account with close to 10 million followers that collects photos and videos of different kittens from around the world. In the variety is the taste and in this profile you will find everything.

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2. aaronsanimals

This boy does wonders with his cats, with photos and videos in which we see the most sympathetic version of his pets. The "tricks" he does with his videos are to die of laughter.

3. nala_cat

She is one of Instagram's most famous kittens: her official account has 3.7 million followers. And it is not surprising that the eyes of this 8-year-old Siamese have crazy Instagram. Look how beautiful!

4. snoopybabe

Snopy is an exotic cat, a breed that is characterized by having the complexion of a Persian, but with short hair. These crawlers look like real stuffed animals. Do not you feel like trying to roll it?

5. Meetgarfi

Garfi is a Persian cat with about 80k followers on Instagram, who seems to always be angry. We are sure that it is actually adorable, but his photos are so funny that they will make you happy until the worst of your days.

6. richard_kitty

Richard is this adorable baby who was rescued from a shelter when he was two years old. Its appeal is that has one eye of each color, which gives it a special exoticism and demonstrates, once again, that by adopting we can also have the prettiest cat in the world.

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7. realgrumpycat

Could not miss in this list the "authentic" grumpycat. Both for cat lovers, as for the most internet freakys, this gatetee needs no introduction. Always angry, he has nothing less than 2.4 million followers s on Instagram.

8. Cobythecat

His big eyes are in love with 1.3 million followers and it's no wonder. It's gorgeous!

9. venustwofacecat

"Why fit when you were born to excel?" asks Venus, the cat of the two faces. Your eyes and the fur of your little face will leave you with your mouth open, and that is that, sometimes, true beauty is in the different.

10. monty_happiness

Finally, Monty Happiness has us in love, and that is that this "special boy" is the most beautiful thing that can be found in the cat fauna. Look at your photos and you will understand.

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