1. Let the dog walk the owner.

Does anyone know about going out for a walk with your dog and that he ends up walking you?

This behavior is easier to avoid the younger the animal is, although it will depend on other factors such as breed (some of them pull excessively by themselves). The key is to get your dog to go by your side, never pulling you forward.


2. Forget deworming and other medical care:

We are sure that you take care and protect your pet as much as you do with your family.

It is vital to deworm dogs and cats on a regular basis, if we do not want to take serious risks to their health and to ours. By deworming we will be avoiding possible infections, diseases and zoonosis. Because we love them, we take our pets to all their visits with their veterinarian, to maintain proper hygiene and health in general. Ask your veterinarian for the Double Monthly Protection.

3. Not spending enough time: our pets need pampering!

Our pets are looking forward to our return home. They want to play, be with us, that we pamper them and give them the love they deserve.

In fact, and especially dogs, should not spend more than 8 hours alone at home. In dogs, walks are great to interact and have a good time with them.

4. Supercharge them

The dogs pounce on their food bowls. They never seem to have enough!

We must feed them the right proportion of food, which will vary according to their age, constitution and situation.

In this way, we will be helping them not to gain weight or develop health problems.

Always ask your veterinarian if you have any questions!

5. Underestimate fleas and ticks

Beyond the itchiness and discomfort that they cause to our dogs, these parasites are potential transmitters of diseases.

It is our duty to protect them, and our family, from the dangerous diseases that fleas and ticks can transmit.

Learn more about the parasites that can affect your pet and ask your veterinarian about the Double Monthly anti-parasitic Protection.