The Best Muzzle For Our Dogs. What Options we Have.

Do you want to take your dog out on the street with a muzzle? Well, in this article we are going to clarify some concepts for you to choose correctly. There are muzzles that endanger the physical integrity of our dogs and many people do not know it.

When the heat starts, our dogs are the worst. They do not stop moving looking for a cool place to lie down to sleep, eat less, like to go outside, etc.

At the time of the walk, there are some dogs that, for whatever reason, must leave with muzzle to the street. Some because the law establishes it, others because their owners feel calmer. There are multiple reasons and all of them are equally lawful.

What muzzle to use?


This muzzle has become fashionable in recent years because so much of veterinarians and specialized stores sell it and the owners seem to fit more to what they expect from a muzzle. The truth is that this muzzle has advantages if it is used functionally as part of an emotional management program, but never to walk and never as a way to work aggressiveness in a dog.

This muzzle prevents dogs from self-regulating their body temperature by preventing them from panting normally and therefore, in times of heat, it is even dangerous for our dogs. In this sense, I find it curious that both veterinary clinics and stores you find them so easily. Our dogs have a peculiar way of regulating their body temperature, and 80% goes through panting. See Heat Strikes . So, any muzzle that we want to put on it must allow this behavior with total normality.


The muzzle of bars is usually valued in a negative way by people since it seems to imply an aggressiveness in the dog that does not always have to be that way. In fact, if it were, it would not be a bad idea to take him with a muzzle because in that way we make sure there is no danger and transmit more peace of mind when managing aggressive episodes.

In any case, for whatever reason, if you have to use a muzzle to walk with your dog, this one ] must be of bars because it allows perspiration. And, inside the bozales de rejas, there are some that let in more air and let in less. Without us taking anything to do it, we should advise the muzzle of the brand baskerville since it is, by far, the best muzzle of this type since not only allows more perspiration, but also allows drinking Therefore, please, if you see any dog ​​in the summer with a muzzle of cloth, warn them of the danger that your pet is running because it is certain that the owners are unaware of such danger.

Finally, thanks to Family Dog for letting us know this muzzle and for lending us the photos of your beloved Beba. You can not prettier!