The Keys to Not go Crazy

 Chufa loose authentic pellets during the autumn moult. / LOLA DUARTE
Chufa loose authentic pellets during the autumn moult. / LOLA DUARTE

With the fall also comes the change of hair of your dog. The veterinarian Ana Martinez gives you a series of tips for not going crazy

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A few weeks ago that the autumn began and with him has arrived the change of hair of your dog . Even if you only have one dog at home, now it's as if you have two more: the hair fluffs are reproduced at times and you do not want to remove them from the middle. But the molting is something inevitable and natural in the animal. The dog needs to release that hair to adapt to the autumn temperature change . That's why we talk to the veterinarian Ana Martinez who gives you a series of tips to not go crazy.

Why does the molting take place?

As much as humans can despair of dog moulting, the first thing is to understand why it occurs. Molting in dogs in autumn is a natural process for them that occurs twice a year: in spring and in autumn. "Those two hair changes would be to condition the fur to temperature changes to our climate because the hair serves the dogs both to protect themselves from the temperatures and the sun's rays" explains Ana Martínez of the Albayda Veterinary Center. This is what our dogs would do if they lived outside, like their wild ancestors.

Perhaps you even notice a difference between one mute and another. In the spring the molt serves your dog to produce a finer hair that helps him fight the summer heat. On the contrary, in the case of the autumn moult, your dog changes fur to produce a thicker hair that will protect it from the low temperatures of the winter, muda that occurs in the months in which begins to lower the thermometer.

 It is important to brush your dog to eliminate dead hair. / LOLA DUARTE
It is important to brush your dog to eliminate dead hair. / LOLA DUARTE

How long is the moult

There will be changes that you almost do not know and others that will seem eternal. Each molt has a duration that will vary depending on the climate, the hair type and the dog's habitat . "It's not the same thing a short-haired puppy that lives in a heated apartment in winter and air conditioning in the summer, a dog that lives in a garden shed -says the veterinarian consulted by Wamiz- . The first will have a change that will seem eternal, because it is not so vital for him to protect himself from changes in temperature and weather aggressions. On the other hand, the one who lives in the garden will make a change much faster, but more aggressive ".

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To cope with the change

" The change is a process natural that all dogs must do "insists Ana Martínez, something that many humans do not understand. You also have to understand that depending on the type of hair your dog has, he will be eliminating hair all year round or not. As detailed by the veterinarian, " dogs usually have 3 types of hair : short (like a winemaker), long (smooth as a yorkshire or curly as a poodle) and hard as a westy. Shorthair dogs will be removing hair all year round, although we appreciate more in spring and autumn. And in dogs with long or hard hair we will not appreciate the falls between the seedlings, only the hair will come off when brushing them ".

Knowing this, the best way for the molt to be as bearable as possible" ] is to adapt the frequency of brushing " to eliminate dead hair, as well as " the types of combs we have at our disposal to the type of hair our dog has " , indicates that of the Albayda Veterinary Center. And this accompanied by an ally of 10 for your home: the vacuum cleaner, the best help to make disappear the pelusones of hair.

 The bed of Chufa also touches inhale almost daily. / LOLA DUARTE
The bed of Chufa also has to be vacuumed almost daily. / LOLA DUARTE

Another option: canine hairdresser

Another important measure that can be adopted when you begin to notice that your dog begins with the moult is take it to the dog grooming to be bathed . "The hairdresser will give a good hydration bath to the skin and then dry it with a hair expeller. This is a device that has much more power than any dryer that we can have at home -revela Ana-. And with him, while they dry him after the bath, they will also 'rip off' his dead hair, which is the one that falls down and will stay at the hairdresser without us taking it home ".

There are people who can not bear the change of their dog and choose a more comfortable way: take him to the hairdresser to peel his dog. But beware because you may be falling into an error. The first, according to Ana Martínez, "it is very important to be advised by canine hairdressers or veterinarians. They will tell you what is best for your pet ". With peeling your dog you're not preventing it from releasing hair "the only thing we can do, in a temporary way, is that the size of the hairs is smaller, but the dog keeps letting go in the same way ".

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 The vacuum cleaner will be your best ally to eliminate hairs at home. / LOLA DUARTE
The vacuum cleaner will be your best ally to eliminate hairs at home. / LOLA DUARTE

Eye with shaving your dog

Another very common mistake "is to shave short-haired dogs because they remove a lot of hair or Nordic-haired dogs for the same reason on a frequent basis. There are times when we can run the risk of suffering, for example, a post-shaved syndrome in which we cause an alteration in hair growth and as a consequence there is no uniform growth of the mantle "warns the veterinarian. [19659006] When peeling, another consequence happens to provoke the dog " sunburn on the skin by cutting the hair so short . Who has not seen the typical color of the westy rosita in summer? We do not mean that it is bad to skin a dog, which is not, "says Martinez. But always you have to go to good professionals who guide you well on what is best for your dog depending on the type of dog we have, their habitat (if you live inside a house, in a yard, in a farmhouse, …) and the type of hair you have. And of course, run away from any hairdresser who leaves your dog's hair "as short as possible so that the peeling lasts longer" big mistake.

 Chufa's bed loses color with so much loose hair the change of autumn. / LOLA DUARTE
The bed of Chufa loses color with so much loose hair due to the change of autumn. / LOLA DUARTE

Learn to live with the molting

Embrace your dog with the molt is an extra hair on your clothes. Even when caressing them you take out a lot of hairs. My dear Chufa, the protagonist of the photos that accompany this text, when she says to move, she changes. Loose authentic tufts of hair and very thick. And yes, I'm a little crazy, but I'm not going to stop caressing her because I do not have hair on my clothes and I assume that the vacuum cleaner will be my best ally at home, as well as giving good brushing to Chufa to remove hair.

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