The Last Goodbye Finally Arrives at a Hospital in Spain

Stock Image. A dog visits a child in the hospital.

A hospital in Spain allows some patients to count, in their income or in their last moments of life, with the visit of their dog or cat

– Advertising Announcement – [19659003] How many times have you seen through social networks that viral news of "the emotional farewell between a dog and its human before dying". Or "a hospital of I do not know where he lets a patient say goodbye to his pet", and he does not know where he usually is abroad. In Spain on the subject of domestic animals we always go to the queue, and that is that our laws continue to treat dogs and cats as things. But little by little the society changes and now there is a hospital in Spain that allows you to say goodbye to your dog or cat .

The benefits for your health

In many occasions the benefits have been scientifically proven what brings our health to have a dog or a cat. In fact, the latest research reveals that greater tranquility and relaxation is achieved thanks to our pets. Even the heart rate or blood pressure is reduced. This, for patients who have a long hospitalization or who are in their last days of life, translates into very positive experiences for their health by having their dog or cat close by .

your dog or cat

To date some hospitals in Spain have tried assisted therapies with dogs, although this type of treatment is more common in nursing homes in our country. More and more people have a dog or cat at home and, most importantly, the consideration of these has evolved. Now a pet is a member of the family, so many patients request to see them one last time . And of course, the animals do not have the allowed access to the sanitary facilities.

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First hospital in Spain

Faced with the demand of so many patients in recent times, the Valencian Community got down to the play. At the end of May the College of Veterinarians of Alicante and Ribera Salud reached an agreement for to regulate the entrance of pets to hospitals in order that their humans could receive their visits. And this commitment is already a reality in the Hospital of the Vinalopó de Elche since last September .

A person hugs his dog. / Monkey Business Images

This new plan does not mean that everyone can go with their dog or cat to the hospital. All visits will be regulated and controlled . The requests of the patients will be studied by the responsible doctor to assess the situation. It will be the doctor himself who establishes the convenience of the permit according to medical criteria.

The state of the animal

From the hand of this medical judgment will also go the opinion of a veterinarian. That is, the veterinarians of Alicante will have to perform reports that endorse the suitability of that dog or cat that will accompany their human either for long-term income or to give their last goodbye. The animal must be vaccinated – or have been negative in the laboratory test – against Leptospirosis in the case of dogs. In the same way it must be deformed with effect in force on the day of the visit. In addition, said veterinary certificate must be issued no later than the three days prior to the scheduled visit.

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Dogs and cats miss their humans in these circumstances and vice versa. Undoubtedly this example of the Vinalopó Hospital, which will also be applied in the Torrevieja Hospital, is a first step so that, little by little, more hospitals from the rest of Spain will be added. I hope it spreads quickly and both people and animals can benefit from being together.

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