Tips to Check Your Dog's Mouth And do Not Bite

Do not forget to check your dog's mouth and make sure it is in perfect condition I Pexels

This is how you should clean and check your dog's mouth to take care of his oral hygiene without being bitten.

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Do you remember when we advise you on the oral care of your dog? Well, we continue on the same line since for your pet to show off with a smile this must be impeccable both on the outside and inside and … for that you have to check the mouth of your dog very carefully and without I bite you! "That your dog has a healthy mouth is essential for good health. For that reason, we have to review it in a subtle way and without feeling aggressive since an exam from time to time is good to prevent. We take care of the rest "says veterinarian Juan Fernández. The Asturian doctor has spoken with Wamiz to give us the recommendations to follow to rummage through his gums, molars and tongue and, do not get upset!

Your dog should be relaxed

Perhaps this is the most important thing of all. Before any revision, the dogs -as well as the humans- have to be calm . Take advantage of that moment in which you are caressing him on the couch to open his little mouth little by little and check that there is no problem. '' The feeling that we must convey to our dog must be a game. Never threat because that's when you can unwittingly modern, since it is their nature or reflection "Fernandez notes.

Do not force him to open mouth

Please! If you try to look inside your little mouth with the love that we just explained to you and, still, you do not leave … do not insist! The important thing (unless you know that something is wrong with your mouth) is to do the review from time to time, but do not mark a specific day especially if you feel that your dog is not receptive.

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Look deeply

"We have to take advantage of the precise moment in which the dog lets its owner dig into its mouth. You have to be quick so that the animal does not suffer and, in any case, we must abuse by touching a tooth in poor condition or pressing on a wound, for example "says the veterinarian.

How to do the review?

There are two fundamental points that, according to the words of Fernández, we must intercept humans.

  1. El tartar. If your dog presents this problem it is because his oral hygiene has not been good. That is to say, tartar does not appear from one day to the next and is due to an accumulation of crap in its mouth.
  2. Bacterial plaque. Bacterial plaque. It comes before tartar and forms on the surface of the teeth and on the gums after eating. Its color oscillates between white and yellowish.

"It is very important to see if your dog has any of these problems since the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth causes many diseases. If an owner checks his dog's mouth and sees one of them he should go to the vet. There they will give the guidelines and the products to deal with this inconvenience "continues Fernández.

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Give him a prize

Do not hesitate! After everything you've done to your dog; This one deserves a little gift. Although we choose something that helps you eradicate your mouth diseases while taking care of your mouth. For example, chew toys and dental bones. He will be very happy to bite you after the day he has spent at your side playing dentists.

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