We Dismantle All The Myths And Prejudices About Cats!

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In Wamiz we are willing to dismantle all the false myths that historically accompany the figure of the cat and we do it with irrefutable facts.

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The cat is an animal that has been accompanied by many prejudices throughout its history. This animal has to live with them, as they are deeply rooted in society and often pose a threat even to their lives, as we have told you previously in Wamiz, in relation to the legend that accompanies black cats. However, the attraction that this animal produces for humans is so powerful that it has been able to overcome adversity in the form of false myths. the most popular animal in homes around the world. In addition, he is forced to live in a constant and absurd comparison with the dog, an animal that we also love and that is able to live in harmony with a cat if the necessary precautions are taken. Below we summarize some of the false beliefs that accompany the figure of the cat and with which we do not agree at all.

The cat is a cold and distant animal

Who has not heard this statement? And, every time someone comes to your house, you have to let go of the typical phrase. Whoever has had a cat will know that they are animals with a particular character, that at some point may seem cold and reserved, but that in many cases it is extroverted and dependent on its owners. A cat is always going to consider you from your family and it shows you in many different ways: meowing and rubbing you when you get home, Sleeping and purring by your side on the couch, or playing with you whenever you have the chance. However, it is an animal that sometimes needs its own space and its moments of solitude. Do not take this as a grievance or as a sign of indifference towards us. It is just one more aspect of his character that we have to understand and assimilate.

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Cats are treacherous animals

This statement has no meaning in itself. How many people who claim this have been attacked by cats? Surely very few or none. The problem is that it is generalized in excess and, you do not know why, human beings tend not to forget the encounters that have had with some cat and to ignore all those who have had with dogs. Who has not barked or growled a dog in the street? Are all dogs treacherous because of this? Of course not. Therefore, you should not generalize with cats either, as this helps to strengthen a myth that is already sufficiently entrenched.

Sleeping cat | Roberto Herrero

Cats feel more attached to things than to people

Another false myth that today we are willing to dismantle. The felines they constantly mark their territory with the pheromones lodged in their saliva and in the glands of their legs, with which they manage to feel at home in a short period of time. However, this does not mean that they can not feel that same attachment for people. It is enough to live with a domestic cat to perceive the appreciation he feels for his owners. It is true that there are cats who do not give you anything, with whom you have to work much more, but even they are not impermeable to the love that we humans offer them.

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Cats can not live with dogs

There are many examples that dismantle this theory. Introducing any type of animal in a home in which there was already another is always complicated. But not only in the case of cats, it is something that happens with any type of animal. In this sense, the best thing is that one of the two is still a puppy, since, not having developed his personality, it will be easier for him to adapt to the new situation. However, if this is not possible, with much patience, yes you can introduce a dog in a home in which there was a cat previously. You just have to be very careful and do it little by little so that neither of you gets hurt.

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