We Found a Solution as Simple as Effective

The invention to install in your yard or garden does not cause any harm to the cat. / OSCILLOT

A new invention to prevent your cat from leaving home, without causing any damage, is causing a sensation

One thing that has always characterized cats is that, unlike dogs, they always go their own way. So much that from time to time they mark an excursion outside the home, especially during the heat. This situation is more frequent if you live in a house with a patio or garden, which makes it difficult for your humans to keep them in the ground. Now there is an invention to prevent your cat from escaping from home that is causing a sensation.

The risks of his excursions

The cat has a facility to climb, be it a tree or a wall or what is put ahead. In a couple of jumps it is planted anywhere. That is why many people who have a cat have a head that their pussycat goes for a walk in the neighborhood and disappears. Some are used to returning or already know the neighbors, but also can get lost, be run over or be injured .

Lack of options in the market

In the In recent times a revolutionary invention for to prevent your cat from escaping from home has emerged. This is the ‘Oscillot System’, a creation of an Australian company. The person who lit the light bulb went to Paul Bok. He observed that the options to keep cats inside the home did not go beyond nets or cages, and “nobody wants to turn their yard into a prison” as the company explains on its website.

The revolutionary invention

So Paul hit on the key: to place on the walls, fences or doors of your garden or patio a kind of custom made aluminum pallets. When your cat climbs and reaches the roller with its paw, the contraption rotates by its helix shape . “The cat can not get traction and falls safely on the ground” that is, it does not cause any kind of damage to the animal.

Your cat will not suffer any danger

‘Oscillot System ‘has no wires or electrical current, “is completely safe and will not cause harm to your cat to wildlife or to curious little hands that can reach and touch the system” reza on the Australian website. In this video you can see how it works with a cat:

Although the idea was born in 2011, it has been in recent years that the invention has been popularized worldwide thanks to its success. In fact, ‘Oscillot’ is distributed in different corners of the world including Europe. In addition to making sure your cat does not escape from home, you will avoid using cages, nets or something with electric current; the installation is simple and you can remove it if you wish; and most importantly: for your cat is not as much danger when trying to leave as for what may happen during your excursions. Will this be the final solution for the kittens to stay at home?