What Can You do in an Hour? Walk a Dog With 1 Dog 1 Hour

Catelyn Silapachai and friend Melissa Massello DuBeau started 1 Dog 1 HourChelsea Laine Francis

Catelyn Silapachai, co-founder of Vintage jewelry and home decor site The Distillery, has started a new venture with friend Melissa Massello DuBeau. 1 Dog 1 Hour wants to help get more pets adopted from the Austin Animal Center.

Here’s how it works: Stop by the center, 7201 Levander Loop. Follow the signs with instructions on how to walk a dog. Any medium or large dog with a green dot on the kennel card can be walked. Once you walk your dog around the fenced-in shelter grounds or play with them in one of the fenced-in dog runs. You take a pick of your friend and post it to Instagram and tag 1 Dog 1 Hour’s Instagram @1Dog1Hour. Post some things you liked about the dog and log your walk on the board before you leave the shelter so other volunteers know who has been walked.

The hope is to expand the program to other shelters. Find out more at 1dog1hour.org