What Does it Mean to Dream About Cats?

Do you dream of cats? Attention! I PEXELS

Usually people dream about cats but, do you know what those thoughts mean? Good luck or evil eye? Continue reading …

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The meaning of dreams is something that disturbs humans since there are desires of our subconscious that make us very nervous because we do not know it's going through our heads. This assumption can be applied to the feline world because there are many people who dream of cats and want to know the reason for their emotions.

There are studies that say that dreaming about these pets represents our most carnal passion, those that -value redundancy – they take away our sleep. This does not mean only sex, but it is also related to money and love.

Dreaming about cats is synonymous with prosperity

Especially in the economic sphere and it has many different aspects:

You dream with which several cats surround you . This means that, in the case of having a business, things will go better than expected. However, if you are thinking of working on your own, do not hesitate because the prosperity and success in your company will come alone thanks to the cute cats of your dream.

You dream that you are caressing a cat ] Did you just wake up and have you realized that they have been touching a cat's belly? Do not worry! This means that soon you will receive a very important amount of money.

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You dream that you are feeding a cat . Assume that earlier than you thought you would see your bank accounts sanitized and earn an extra sum of euros. How lucky yours!

You dream that a cat moves away from you . As you know, not everything in life is synonymous with fortune. In this case, experiencing in your dreams that a pussycat runs away from you means you will lose money.

You dream of a dead cat . This does not bring too much luck either. If you run into a similar dream, be alert because you will be robbed or cheated.

Dreaming of cats is related to love and relationships

The fortune of your love relationships is hidden under the leg of the cat of your dreams because if you dream that you are caressing a cute feline this is indicative that you suffer from the syndrome of a forbidden love. Whereas if your dream is related to the time of the meal (you have to see yourself feeding a cat), that wants someone to be cheating on you. How strong, cats are able to predict infidelity!

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On the other hand, being attacked by a cat makes it clear that you have the ability to flee from your enemies and achieve your goals. You are not afraid of anything! But if you dream of the sweet meow of a feline many people in your work and in your closest circle criticize you because they feel very envious of who you are. Be careful with those people!

Ah … one more thing! Do not doubt that after reading these words tonight you will dream of cats! Sweet dreams!

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