What Should a Pregnant Cat Eat?

During pregnancy, take care of your cat's diet! I Pexels

These are the foods that he should eat a pregnant cat if you want to have a healthy pregnancy without worries.

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Feed to a pregnant kitten its not that easy as it is believed. This is not assured by us, but by many veterinarians, such as Dr. Antón Muñiz, who claim that the diet of a feline that is in a state of good hope should be impeccable so that it does not suffer during the gestation period or complications arise.

Based on our conversation with the Asturian caregiver, we want to give you a culinary guidelines so that your cat on tape is the best possible during the weeks of waiting. "It is essential to pay attention to both the behavior and the feeding of the cat since, sometimes, they become somewhat aggressive, develop health problems such as vomiting and swelling, and their appetite increases", emphasizes the veterinarian.

Calories are very important

From the moment you know that your cat is pregnant you should change your diet because what he eats will be fundamental for his health and to move the kittens forward after the birth. Therefore, experts recommend increase calories during the first weeks of pregnancy. The reason is very simple: your cat has to accumulate fat during pregnancy because they will be those nutrients those you use to raise your puppies.

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What kind of fat exactly?

With this we do not mean that you stuff your pet with food loaded with carbohydrates or sugars, but rather the opposite. You have to run away from that type of food since the grease what you will include in your diet should be good, healthy and be loaded with nutrients. It is important to emphasize this since the objective of this feeding is none other than to provide the cat with Energy necessary to face his new stage. "This type of calories must come mainly from proteins of animal origin: beef, chicken, eggs, dairy …", says the Asturian veterinarian.

The right foods are …

"In our clinic we recommend I think for puppies premium quality since it contains all the extra calories and proteins that our cat needs. This is essential since the diet that the feline makes during pregnancy will be the one that marks her health a priori and a posteriori, her milk and the breeding of her kittens ", says Muñiz.

Having said that; we have it very clear. From the moment of mating until about two weeks after delivery, we will feed our beloved kitten – and support her during her pregnancy – with baby cat food. In this way you will be strong and healthy to face the hard task of be a mother.

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One more tip

"A pregnant cat you should always have food on your plate since, as we have talked before, your appetite increases. You have to leave her troughs full of food and drink (the fresh water will keep her hydrated at all times) so that she can serve herself at will. ", emphasizes Muñiz. To which he adds that we must leave the fear that our cat becomes obese aside; since after being mothers (and even in the days before giving birth) they are losing kilos and eating less naturally since their priorities in life change radically. Now the only thing they care about is breast-feed to the new members of the family.

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