Sometimes you may encounter a situation in which an animal, usually a cat, has entered the engine compartment or wheel arches of your car to protect yourself from the cold. In many cases it is a problem that is quickly solved by giving a small blow to the body. This way the cat gets scared and goes out by himself. But do you know what to do when this does not work?


Although it may seem uncomfortable, it is not difficult: to take a few small strokes on the hood before getting into the car and even blowing the horn before starting, you can avoid damaging an animal and the damage that this can entail in the mechanics of your car. Such a situation can cause serious damage to the engine, sometimes even irreparable.

In case you hear the meow of a cat in a car other than yours, leave a notice to the owner.


If you suspect that there may be a cat under the hood and with the previous advice you don’t get it, there are several things you can do to fix it:

Test with water: cats are afraid of water as if it were fire, so throwing a little in the area where it is tucked can make it run away.

Buy cooked ham: get a little closer to the place so you can smell it. If you are hungry, it will come out.

Try to catch him: always wearing gloves to avoid scratches, since he will be scared and can try to defend himself with nails and teeth.

There may be a situation that, even if you want to leave, you cannot be trapped. If so, do not force him and do the following:

Call the authorities: nearby municipalities or protectors. In case you call the police or fire department, they may be able to charge you for the services.

Call your insurance to provide a crane and you can take it to your workshop. There they can lift the car and even disassemble some part and access the engine compartment or wheel arches more easily.

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