Why Are Black Pets The Least Desirable?

Although it hurts us in the soul to affirm it: at black pets nobody wants them . What a pity and, we tell you why!

There are studies and superstitions that show that black pets are not well received by humans. The reason is none other than the color . The stigma of the black race is extrapolated, in this case, to the animal world since there is a remarkable discrimination towards dogs and black cats since there are many owners (or parents) potential) that believe that color is not a good idea. Just as we have told you the reasons that encourage people to bet on a race of aggressive dogs, we want to put on the table the issues for which black cats and dogs are rejected without mercy or reason

The terrible story of the black cat

How many times have you heard that black cats bring bad luck ? Honestly, in Wamiz’s writing more than we would like since the idea of ​​relating this color in felines with witches seems to us as archaic as the movie of terror. At no time in history has science claimed that these kittens painted in dark tones provide bad fario but quite the opposite: a cat, whatever color, can only fill our life with tenderness. And, in the case of being black, they give much more desire to hug him until he’s out of breath.

The same thing happens with dogs. The myth of the terrible feline vibes has crossed the borders of the animal world to the point of grazing the potatoes of the furry regardless of the size or race of these. More and more people are refusing to welcome into their bosom cute little dogs with intense eyes for the mere fact of being black. Enough is enough!

The magic has nothing to do with this

That dark and elegant tone has nothing to do with the black magic since but all the people like me who have left back the fear to adopt a beautiful black dog we would have warts, we would dress in rags and we would have the nails as long as dirty!

Long live the black hair

This should be the motto of all the kennels and shelters of our current times. And if we add to this a good lighting, the thing becomes more than interesting. A study carried out by several animal protectors of the United States determines that black dogs are abandoned in a great majority in the shelters of the country. According to experts, this is generally due to poor lighting of spaces, on the one hand, and hygiene, on the other. That is to say, if a place does not have sufficient light, you run the risk of certain details being hidden while others are highlighted naturally. That happens exactly with dogs. If we go to a kennel where we do not see any brightness, the dark furry can barely see each other. A fact that makes the most adopted pets are white causing the abandonment -and even the death – of those animals that were left in the shadows. This item does not hurt to add that a dark dog if it lacks personal cleanliness gives more dirtiness than the rest. A scenario that does not leave in a very good place those humans willing to adopt who say no to the first sight.

You have to pay attention to the details

Having seen, we must pay much more attention to our surroundings and leave the appearances on the same side as the superstitions . Black dogs and cats are the most adorable you will find, the most affectionate and intelligent, the most cuddly and the most beautiful since no one can forget that black is an elegant color that combines with all without any doubt. Do not be racist.