Why do Dogs Sleep on Their Feet?

 Chufa loves to snuggle in my legs. / LOLA DUARTE
Chufa loves to cuddle on my legs. / LOLA DUARTE

The reason why dogs sleep on their feet is quite curious and is related to their social behavior. We discovered it in this article

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When you set out on the adventure of adopting your dog, I'm sure you could have the illusion and bought everything: your bed, toys, collar, leash … And probably you would give twenty thousand laps to choose a good bed so that it was comfortable. But for whatever it is your dog prefers to sleep on your feet . Undoubtedly, a very nice and even tender image but that leads you to wonder why this happens.

The perfect bed

I lost count of how many beds I bought from Chufa, especially from a puppy: I used to break the seams and get the filling out there. We've been together for seven years, and about four years ago I decided to make a custom bed . The idea was to make it as comfortable as possible. I went to a mattress, I ordered his foam mattress and made a few covers. The result? Rare is the day that does not end in my bed.

They like achuchar

As we know dogs are affectionate, faithful and sociable animals. I do not know your dog, but when I'm sitting on the sofa, with my feet on the ground, Chufa ends up going there to take a nap. If I am lying on the couch too it tends to be placed on the feet or legs . And in bed also begins by placing in that area, but ends up expanding, achuchar and I end up in a corner of the bed. Dog things.

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 Tigernut in his lady bed made to measure. / LOLA DUARTE
Tigernut in his lady made-to-measure bed. / LOLA DUARTE

The dog as a social being

The real explanation of why dogs sleep on their feet is very simple. "The dog is a social animal and is made to live in social groups" says trainer Sergio Tallón, from Canda Senda. For the dog what is unnatural is what some people do: put him in a room or in the garage with his bed while you go alone to yours. "They are used to sleeping together . In fact, people who have several dogs, a very common sight is to see them huddled two by two, three by three, in order to sleep close to each other "says Sergio.

Why sleep on the feet

But, and why at the feet? As uncomfortable as that area may seem to you, a dog sleeping there is also for a simple reason. "We, humans, sleep in bed. They climb on it and the place where there is more space is at the foot of the bed "explains the canine educator consulted by Wamiz. Even if you take your dog out of bed and do not leave the room, tends to get at the foot of the bed on the floor .

Normality for them is to be in a social group even to sleep. You have already verified what your dog likes to be close to you whether you are on the couch, on the table or in bed. Yes, it will start there by putting on the part of the feet or legs, but little by little it will take terrain as we saw in the vignettes of the ridiculous situations to sleep with your dog. Everything is to be snug and above all to taste (at least they).

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