Why do Dogs Wear a Yellow Ribbon on Their Collar?

Dogs that wear a yellow ribbon hide an important motive behind. / Facebook The Yellow Dog Project

There are different reasons why a dog wears a yellow ribbon on his collar, and they have nothing to do with aesthetics

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When you walk your dog and you you cross with another one next to the human being that accompanies to him, the classic scene of takes place "until the dogs do not sniff themselves, from here nobody moves" . At least, that's what happens normally, although there are exceptions. With them are related that some dogs wear a yellow ribbon on their collar or leash .

The yellow ribbon on the dog collar

Dogs are considered sociable living beings, they are made to live in group. But there are some who live or have suffered certain situations that prevent them from being so. Sometimes, an insecure dog, a newly adopted kennel dog or one recovering from an illness, for example, requires space. That is, you would have a dog DINOS ( Dogs In Need Of Space in its English acronym) and it would carry a yellow ribbon to identify it.

The initiative to place in the dog collar a yellow bow comes from the global movement The Yellow Dog Project. The idea, which was born in Sweden, has two main objectives. First, identify dogs that need space . And secondly, to make humans aware of other dogs, and the citizen in general, with the intention of maintaining an adequate contact with these dogs.

The types of dogs

I do not know about you, but when I go through The street and I cross a doggie I can not help caressing him. The same happens when I go with Chufa, which adds that she wants to sniff and play with the dog on duty, anyone says no! 😆 But what does a dog with a yellow ribbon indicate on its collar? That it is preferable that other dogs or other people do not approach wanting to spoil him. Touch to control that impulse of your dog and yours.

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The yellow bow can go on the collar or leash. / Facebook The Yellow Dog Project

There are people who associate this with the yellow tie only with aggressive dogs, when it is more frequent that they are insecure, fearful animals; who have some pain from an illness or surgery; even dogs that have just been adopted and need a period to manage their new life; or dogs that are being trained.

They need space

The bow, a bandana or a yellow breastplate is the way that tells you that dog needs space . It is better that you do not approach or, if you do, be careful and, of course, ask before, especially if you are walking with children or with your dog.

Beyond identification

As a responsible human being, it must be clear that putting the color yellow is only a temporary measure . For example, if the motive is a problem of fear or aggression towards people or other dogs, or simply is very brusque when greeting, your responsibility has to go beyond the bond. You must put a solution and go to a canine educator to guide you in that process.

Also, you can not trust everyone to know what that tie or that color means. Many will believe that it is a complement more. Therefore, having the tie does not imply that you can expose him to extreme situations believing that nobody will approach him. Yellow does not spare you from applying other measures to avoid unpleasant or dangerous situations.

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More and more countries

Although The Yellow Dog Project was born in Sweden a few years ago , every day more corners of the world are added. They are very present in social networks, like in their Facebook page, where you can find the official poster of each country for its diffusion, like the one in Spain.

Official poster The Yellow Dog Proyect in Spain.

Control your momentum

Keep it in mind from now on. When you see a dog in the street with a yellow badge on its collar or leash, respect and give it space . Both he and his human will thank you. And if you think your dog needs to wear a yellow ribbon, do not hesitate to put it on.

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